SISTAR's Dasom reveals difficulty shooting drama during disbandment

8:55 PM Joseph Bernard Marzan 0 Comments

Dasom of the recently-disbanded K-pop girl group SISTAR revealed she had a hard time filming her new SBS weekend drama Band of Sisters due to the disbandment.

At the drama's press conference on June 26, Dasom expressed, "The SISTAR members discussed the disbandment since early this year. Filming for the drama started this past March. I think it was plenty of time to prepare. However, 7 years together isn't a short time. It was difficult for me as I had to focus on the drama while we were finishing things up as SISTAR."

She continued, "I think it's time for us to think about our separate paths. We got along well too. We didn't decide to go our separate ways because of anything worrisome but because we wanted it to happen."

As for the recent news that Bora is dating Big Star's FeelDog, Dasom said, "I knew they were close."

Band of Sisters airs every Saturday at 8:45PM KST on SBS. (Photo and text by Allkpop)