Pinay wins 'Top Model' franchise

9:30 PM Joseph Bernard Marzan 0 Comments

MANILA, Philippines - Finally! After years of droughts and 'almosts', the Philippines finally scored a victory last night on Star World's Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 5, with Maureen Wroblewitz named as the new winner!

The competition was heavy last night as Wroblewitz, along with co-competitors Shikin Gomez of Malaysia and Minh Tu Nguyen of Vietnam for last night's final photoshoot and runway.

The photoshoot was handled by the one and only AsNTM host, Cindy Bishop, and photographed by the show's ever-professional creative director, Yu Tsai. The photos represented avant-garde versions of their countries' national costumes, with Wroblewitz in the Filipino saya, Gomez in the baju kurung, and Nguyen in the Vietnamese Ao dai.

The top three also did a final runway show, with works designed by last week's undercover judge, Xiao Qing Zhang.

Along with Gomez and Nguyen, Wroblewitz bested 13 other girls, including two others from the Philippines, for the prize. JBM/Fandom Pilipinas (Photo by Star World/AsNTM)