New 'Infinity War' reveals new Iron Man suit

9:59 PM Joseph Bernard Marzan 0 Comments

We've seen so many updates on the Iron Man suit throughout the Iron Man and Avengers film series franchises, and now we get a new sneak peek into a new suit for Avengers: Infinity War!
Photos of the new suit circulating through Twitter shows the magnate superhero in a less-jagged and smoother suit design, and a triangular arc reactor, not attached to his body, probably inspired by Vision's stone.
Expectedly, there will also be a new bottom for this suit. Because judging by the pants, we know very well that this will not be the new bottom. Another released set photo shows Iron Man with Bruce Banner, and probably meeting Doctor Strange and Wong for the first time.
Avengers: Infinity War will be released to theaters on May 4, 2018. (Additional info from Games Radar) JBM/Fandom Pilipinas