Encantadia: May 8-12, 2017 (Recap and Review)

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Another week, another recap! Lets go and check this week's recap and review of Encantadia.


In Lireo, Paopao and Muyak went to the council room and brought Luna who apologized to them. In Hagorn's new camp, Ether saw what is happening in Lireo and told Hagorn about it. In Devas, Keros saw in his balintataw the situation of Cassiopeia and Emre. Back in Lireo, Luna told them that she wanted to find LilaSari and Alena offered help. Danaya told her about Lira and Mira. Back in Devas, Keros brings Galatea to get a fruit and bring it to Cassiopeia and Emre. Back in Hagorn's new camp, Pirena attacks them and then Hagorn comes out. Hagorn demands the things that needed in order to release Lira and Mira from being captive. After that Pirena leaves before Juvila attacked her. In the outskirts, Keros brought Cassiopeia and Emre the fruit. Emre asked him why, and Keros said that he is not a bad bathala and he only wanted is to have a different power. Back in Hagorn's new camp, Pirena appeared and saw Lira and Mira, but it is protected by a barrier. Then, she subdue Asval and Juvila. Then, Alena and Danaya as well as Ybrahim arrived for aid and Pirena noticed that Hagorn takes Lira and Mira. Back in Devas, as Kahlil apologizes to Keros. Back in the outskirts, as Cassiopeia and Emre are now healed, Emre told Cassiopeia that he will get Devas from them and told Cassiopeia to go back to help the Diwatas but Cassiopeia refused. Back in Devas, Ether noticed that the some of the fruits are gone and Keros blamed one of the Ivtres and leaves. Then, Ether said that she didn't believe Keros as she believes that Keros is the one who get them. Then, both Ether and Arde are angry after seeing that they are now healed and Ether said that Keros will be now considered as one of their problems. Back in Lireo, Danaya said that they will not comply to Hagorn's demands. Then, Alena thinks of a plan and Pirena volunteered to do so. After that, as Pirena wanted to see Mira, Azulan finds her and told her that he will join her. Then, Azulan confessed love to the Sang'gre and Pirena kissed him. In Old Etheria, as Hagorn said that it still had power, he used it as well as the air and fifth gem to conjure a barrier to prevent them to find Lira and Mira.

In Old Etheria, as Lira and Mira are planning to escape, they make fun of Asval first. In Hagorn's new camp, Pirena arrives and Hagorn told her if she met his demands. In the outskirts, Cassiopeia and Emre are training when Haliya's weapon glowed and Ether and Arde appeared. Then they engaged into a battle as Ether and Arde fused. Back in Hagorn's new camp, Pirena said that her sisters didn't want to give in but Pirena offered the fire gem to him. Back in the outskirts, two persons in white robes and mask saved Cassiopeia and Emre. Back in Hagorn's new camp, Hagorn asked Pirena for a proof that the gem is real. Then, Pirena used it to prove that the gem is real. Back in the outskirts, one of the masked person turned out to be Alira Naswen, a mashna from Sapiro and Gamil, a Lirean soldier. Then, Cassiopeia introduced them to Emre. In Devas, Ether and Arde saw that Cassiopeia and Emre are being helped by Alira Naswen and Gamil. And then, they must turn on to Keros in order to stop helping them. In Lireo, as Paopao told Imaw that what the Sang'gres will do will lose them to Hagorn, Imaw told him not to worry as they already knew what they are doing. It is revealed that the Sang'gres cut a portion from the fire gem in order to give it to Hagorn. Back in Hagorn's new camp, as Pirena urges Hagorn to take it and Hagorn tries to take the gem but it repels him. Then, Hagorn takes her to where Lira and Mira are. After that, Alena and Ybrahim arrived. Alena used the water gem to track where Hagorn and Pirena went and then they leave. Back in Old Etheria, Hagorn and Pirena arrives where Pirena saw Lira and Mira. Also, Alena and Ybrahim followed them. Then, Pirena wanted a simultaneous exchange between the fire gem as well as Lira and Mira. After that, Asval released Lira and Mira and then Pirena gave the fire gem. As Hagorn was happy in getting the fire gem, Pirena said that it will not obey him as it is only a portion. Then, Pirena revealed the rest of the fire gem and ordered the portion to return. And then, the two engaged in a battle. As the two engaged in battle, Alena and Ybrahim aids them and all of them leaves. Asval said that Hagorn was been fooled by Pirena. Back in the outskirts, Alira Naswen and Gamil leads Cassiopeia and Emre to their camp. Then, Emre used Haliya's weapon to conceal the camp to their enemies. And then, Alira Naswen told everything how they escaped to Devas. On the other hand, Manik redemeed himself by fighting Etherian and Hathor soldiers in which the soldiers defeated him. Back in Devas, Keros was being surrounded and he fights them. Then, Ether and Arde appeared fighting him and both bathalas defeated Keros. Back in the outskirts, a raging lightning appeared and Cassiopeia saw that Keros has been defeated by Ether and Arde. 

In Lireo, Pirena as well as Lira and Mira arrived. Alena and Ybrahim arrived too. Then, Alena asked Abog to find Danaya. In the outskirts, Emre prayed to the Greatest God and then Alira Naswen told them that they may find hard to recover Devas to Ether and Arde. Cassiopeia told them not to lose hope. Back in Lireo, the others welcomed Lira and Mira back. In the outskirts of Lireo, LilaSari told Amarro that she will reconcile with the Diwatas in order to be with her daughter. Amarro said that they will get their after they rest. Back in Lireo, Lira asked about the others and Paopao told them. Then, Ybrahim said that they should celebrate for their return and Danaya agrees. After that, Lira and Mira fainted. In Old Etheria, as Hagorn said who is weak now, it is revealed that Arde was the one who make Lira and Mira lost their conciousness. Back in Lireo, as the babaylans did everything, Pirena said that she should face Hagorn again. Back in Old Etheria, Pirena arrives and confronted Hagorn. Then, Hagorn asked new conditions. Back in Lireo, something was happening with Lira and Mira. Then, Pirena returned and Danaya asked how it went. Back in Old Etheria, Hagorn asked Asval and Juvila to prepare, in case Pirena fooled them again. Back in Lireo, Pirena told them about Hagorn's new demands. Then, they went to the room where Lira and Mira is and used the earth gem. The earth gem did nothing and Imaw said that the earth gem can heal everything, except those who made by the bathalas. In Devas, Arde returns and told Ether that he gave Hagorn a power. Then, Ether said that they must deal with Cassiopeia and Emre as Ether can't see them in her balintataw. Back in the outskirts, Cassiopeia said that they must do their plan immediately. Then, Emre removes the barrier and the leave except for Emre. Back in Lireo, as Paopao insisted to Muyak, Ariana arrives and though weak, she wanted to see Lira and Mira. Then, Pirena told the Damas to take care of Lira and Mira. Back in Old Etheria, Hagorn was holding a potion and saw Pirena in his balintataw. Back in Lireo, as Pirena dismissed the Damas, something happened to Lira and Mira and the Damas return. Then, Ybrahim and Alena returned to the room. Pirena wants to end it and leaves, Alena followed her. Back in the outskirts, Alena confronted Pirena and then Pirena leaves.

In Lireo, Alena told Danaya about Pirena's situation regarding Lira and Mira. In the outskirts, Pirena prays to Emre and asked for his help. In the gates of Devas, Ether fights Alira Naswen and Gamil fights the Hadizars. Emre is watching the fight while hiding. Back in Lireo, as Ybrahim went to leave Lira and Mira's room, he met Ariana. Then, when Ariana is on the place where Lira is, she saw a vision of Amihan and called Lira daughter. Then, Pirena arrives. Back in the gates of Devas, Alira Naswen and Gamil surrendered to Ether. Back in Lireo, Pirena snaps at Imaw and told him and Ariana to leave. Back in Devas, Kahlil became Arde's servant and when Arde asked if Alira Naswen and Gamil can used as a servant too, Ether said that she imprisoned them as Alira Naswen knows how to fight. Back in Lireo, Pirena went to Danaya's room to do something, but she can't do it. Back in Devas, Alira Naswen and Gamil are imprisoned and there an orb form of Cassiopeia arrives. Then, Gamil asked if she will release them but Cassiopeia told him to wait. Back in Lireo, Alena found flowers and then Memphes arrive. The two confront again. Then, Hitano and Muros arrived telling Alena that Danaya called her. Back in the outskirts, Haliya's weapon glows, then Ether appeared, asking him about Cassiopeia's whereabouts. Back in Devas, Cassiopeia is still in orb form and passes Ether's Hadezars. Back in the outskirts, Ether proposed to Emre by offering his powers back, as well as Devas and the Ivtres but in a condition, if he will give her Encantadia and she may do what she want with it. Back in Devas, Cassiopeia saw Kahlil and released him. Then he asked him to make a noise. Then, Kahlil alerted the Hadezars and fights them. Then, Cassiopeia took the Hadezars into her control. Back in the outskirts, as Ether asked Emre about his offer, Emre refused. Then, Ether told him to be prepared and leaves. Back in Lireo, Danaya and Aquil are in a discussion about Lira and Mira. As Danaya prayed about Alena's mission and Aquil asked what is it all about. Meanwhile, Pirena was listening. In Old Etheria, Alena as well as Muros and Hitano arrived and call Hagorn. They attack his soldiers and Hagorn arrives. Alena told him Danaya had a message for him.

In Old Etheria, Alena demands Hagorn the cure for Lira and Mira. Back in Lireo, Pirena is observing Danaya and Aquil from the distance as Aquil and Danaya are in a conversation. Back in Old Etheria, Alena gave Hagorn an ultimatum and then they leave. Back in Lireo, as Paopao was getting impatient, Imaw told him that he should just wait. In Devas, as Cassiopeia saw Arde, it is revealed that Ether was Arde's weakness. Back in Lireo, Alena as well as Muros and Hitano arrived and Pirena asked about Alena's mission. Back in Old Etheria, Asval told Hagorn that the Diwatas are giving him a test. And then, Hagorn told him that it is time to seek help from the bathalas. Back in Devas, Alira Naswen and Gamil are still struggle in chains, Ether came back and asked them Cassiopeia's whereabouts, when they refuse to tell, Ether summon snakes into the room where they are detained. On the other hand, two Hadezars attacked Arde. When Arde confronted them, a Hadezar apologized and tell that Ether orders them to do it. Back in Lireo, Danaya tells them about the impending battle. In the gates of Lireo, as Luna wanders, he was caught by Amarro. She asks him where LilaSari is and the two reunite once more. Back in Old Etheria, Hagorn summoned fire and enhanced it with the fifth gem to get the attention of the bathalas. Back in Devas, Ether saw it and when Arde arrives she asked him to go to Encantadia and help Hagorn. Then, Arde asked her if she will do what they did to Keros to him and Ether asked him what he was talking about then Arde leaves. Back in Old Etheria, Arde arrives and Hagorn greets him and told him about the Diwatas. Arde ordered him to give the cure and not to fight the Diwatas but Hagorn insisted that it is not Ether's wanted to do. Arde told him that he didn't care what Ether wanted and just ordered him to give the cure to the Diwatas if he don't want to get him angry and leaves. Back in Devas, Ether returns to where Alira Naswen and Gamil is. On the other hand, Cassiopeia told Kahlil that she succeed in getting Arde turn against Ether and also tells that they should prepare. Back in the outskirts, Luna asked Hathors why Hagorn is not in their camp, they told her that Hagorn is now camping in Old Etheria. Then, the Hathors asked that they will bring her there. Luna refused saying that she will summon an argona to get there. Back in Old Etheria, Hagorn asked for Ether's help and also ask her to come down. Back in Devas, Alira Naswen still refused to tell Ether about Cassiopeia, but Gamil told her. Then, he apologized to Alira Naswen. Back in Old Etheria, Luna arrives and asked that he will talked to Hagorn only the two of them. Then, Luna attacked Hagorn in which Hagorn did also to her.


Well, as we expected, episodes this week are super intense. Cassiopeia's plans are sure going to work with others shifting allegiances. And, for sure next week's episodes are the most excited and most intense. For now, all we have to do is to wait for next week's episodes.

Rating: 9.5/10

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