Encantadia: May 15-19, 2017 (Recap and Review)

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Another week, another recap! Lets go and check this week's recap and review of Encantadia.

In Old Etheria, Hagorn heals himself  blames the Diwatas for what he did to Luna. In Lireo, Mayca delivers a scroll to Ybrahim which implies that the scroll comes from Apitong, his adoptive father. Ybrahim asked Mayca to went to Apitong and help him and then Ybrahim hugs her mashna. Then, the Diwatas welcomed LilaSari and Amarro back. In Devas, Ether was angry after seeing Kahlil was freed and then ordered Hadezars to pursue Cassiopeia. Then, Kahlil brings Cassiopeia to the place where the Ivtres are imprisoned. Cassiopeia used the kabilan to destroy the barrier but failed. She asked Kahlil to bring Emre. Back in Lireo, Alena introduced LilaSari to Luna's friends. Then, she asked them that Luna went to see a friend, Muyak said that she doesn't know any friends of hers aside from Gilas and them. They think that Luna went to see Hagorn. Back in Old Etheria, Asval and Juvila saw what happened afterwards and Hagorn said that his enemies will see worse. Back in Lireo, Muros told Pirena and Alena as well as Ybrahim and LilaSari that Hagorn is outside. They rushed to saw Hagorn brings Luna. Hagorn told them what Luna did and what he did in return. And then, as LilaSari wants to punish Hagorn, he said that the Diwatas should be the one to blame. Paopao said that it is Luna's decision then, not the Diwatas and LilaSari doesn't believe what Hagorn said. Then, Ybrahim asked Paopao to accompany LilaSari inside. As they wanted to punish Hagorn for what he did, Hagorn said that they coudn't punish him because he still had the cure for Lira and Mira. Then, Hagorn agreed to give the cure, but the only one will be given. Back in Old Etheria, Asval said that Hagorn can overcome the Diwata's challenge. Back in Lireo, Hagorn repeated his terms in order to give the cure. Back in Devas, Arde returns and got into a confrontation with Ether. Back in Lireo, Pirena told Muros that he should told Danaya not to engage with Hagorn yet. Back in Old Etheria, Asval asked Hagorn if the war will continue. Back in Lireo, Ybrahim told Pirena and Alena that they must do what Hagorn wanted and Pirena agrees and leaves. Back in Old Etheria, Hagorn is wondering who will come to him first.

In Devas, as Ether and Arde are fighting, Ether asked Arde that he can see the past. On the other hand, Cassiopeia is thinking a way to release the imprisoned in Devas. In Lireo, Amarro hugs and comforted LilaSari, Paopao and Hitano arrived with Paopao apologizing and Hitano leaves. Then, Pirena went to the room where Mira and Lira are and wanted to see Mira. Ybrahim saw her and chose not to enter as well. Then, Azulan and Wantuk arrived. Wantuk said that Ybrahim will do some matters in Sapiro and left. Back in Devas, Arde saw that Cassiopeia is the one who did it, not Ether. In Old Etheria, Hagorn told Asval that they should win no matter what happened. Back in Lireo, Azulan told Pirena that he heard Hagorn's terms and chose to support her. Back in Devas, Arde told Ether that Cassiopeia should pay for what she did to him and then locates her. Then, the two bathalas appeared in the barrier where the imprisoned are. Meanwhile, Kahlil fights the Hadezars in order to fetch Emre. Then, Kahlil called Emre to asked for his help. Then, Ether and Arde defeated Cassiopeia after engaging into a battle. Back in Lireo, Alena and LilaSari talked about the situation. Back in Old Etheria, Ybrahim arrives and told Hagorn that he will cooperate to get the cure for Lira. Hagorn was surprised that he is the one who come for it, as he was expecting Pirena. Then, he told him that he would give the cure if he spied for him in Lireo and opposed anything against him. Back in Devas, Cassiopeia woke up to where Alira Naswen and Gamil are, and then she summoned the kabilan to break free. In the gates of Devas, as Emre and Kahlil are going to enter, they were blocked by Ether and Arde. Cassiopeia as well as Alira Naswen and Gamil comes to help Emre and Kahlil. Then, they engaged into battle where Emre is fighting Arde and the others fighting the Hadezars. With Cassiopeia and Alira Naswen fighting Ether. Back in Lireo, Wantuk told Pirena and Alena that Etherians are attacking in the gates. Pirena and Alena leaves, leaving Wantuk behind. In the gates of Lireo, Pirena and Alena defeated the Etherians and Wantuk arrived, late. Then they leave. Back in Devas, Emre and his allies are being defeated by Ether and her allies.

In Lireo, Ariana enters the room where Lira and Mira is and then Ybrahim asked him why did that. In Devas, Emre wokes up, saw what happened to Cassiopeia and summons Haliya's weapon from Arde. In the outskirts of Lireo, Hitano and Aquil reported to Danaya about the attacks from Etherian soldiers. Back in Devas, Emre got Haliya's weapon and defeated Arde. Emre got his powers back. Back in Lireo, Hitano let LilaSari go after LilaSari told him that she changed. In Old Etheria, Ybrahim told Hagorn about the Diwata's plans and Alena saw them. Then, Ybrahim told Hagorn that Etherian soldiers attacks them. Asval said that his plans are working. After that, Hagorn asked who is the one who ordered that attack and Asval blames another soldier in order for him not to be blamed. In the outskirts, Alena confronts Ybrahim of what he did. Back in Old Etheria, as Hagorn prays and ask Ether's help, the said bathaluman arrives and gave Hagorn additional power. In the outskirts of Lireo, as Danaya asked if they are ready, Abog told her that the armies from the kingdoms are already ready. Danaya asked him why did he disobey the orders and Abog told her that it is their duty as a soldier to protect Encantadia. Back in Lireo, Ybrahim went to the room where Lira and Mira is and apologizes to Lira and saw their conditions. Back in the outskirts of Lireo, Azulan and Imaw told Danaya that Andora escaped. Alena thinks that Ybrahim is the one who did it. Back in Old Etheria, Andora arrives and then Pirena too appeared. Back in Lireo, Ybrahim denied that he is the one who released Andora and told them that it was Pirena. Then the three leaves. Back in the outskirts, Danaya as well as Alena and Ybrahim arrived and saw Andora. Hagorn told them that Pirena was the one who release Andora and he gave Pirena the cure. Then, Danaya promised to defeat them and Hagorn told her that they doesn't know what he could do. After that, Danaya used the earth gem to transform into a mammoth and leaves. Back in Lireo, Ybrahim went to the room where Lira and Mira is and saw Pirena there. Pirena confronts Ybrahim. After that, Mira wakes up and saw Lira's condition. Then, Mira asked and Alena told her that it is best to ask Pirena. Back in the outskirts, Hagorn and Asval are happy seeing what the cure have done to the Diwata's alliances. Back in Lireo, Pirena told Mira everything. Back in the outskirts, Mira went to where Hagorn is and asked the Etherian soldiers to see him.

In Lireo, Danaya punished Pirena and Ybrahim for a hundred lashes in accordance to the Law of Lireo. In the outskirts, Mira asks for Hagorn the cure.  Back in Lireo, Azulan stops the punishment but he is sent away by Pirena. Back in the outskirts, Hagorn shows Mira his new acquired power. Back in Lireo, as the punishment ended, Ybrahim and Alena talked. Then, Mira returns to Lira's room and ask for the babaylans. Then, she talked to Lira and promised her the cure. Back in the outskirts, Hagorn burns the cure for Lira. Back in Lireo, Muros discussed their tactics in the battle. Back in the outskirts, Hagorn also discussed their own tactics. In Devas, Emre restores Devas and he said that Diwatas need help. Back in Lireo, Ybrahim and the others went to the armory to get weapons. Amihan's sword called Ariana and Ybrahim took it away. Afterwards, the sword jumped to where Ariana is. Then they leave except Ariana. When Ariana is alone, the sword glows. Back in the outskirts, the battle begins. Back in Lireo, a Dama told Imaw that the two moons are glowing red, and Imaw used his balintataw and saw what happened in Devas. Back in Devas, Emre defeats the Hadezars and frees the Ivtres who are detained.

In the outskirts, the battle still continue. Andora used her power to soldiers and Alena arrives leaving with her. Aquil and Danaya are fighting their enemies together. Then, Andora and Alena fight. When Andora was about to overcome Alena, Memfes arrives to help Alena.  Meanwhile, Ybrahim who is fighting alongside Wantuk, defeats Asval. Then, Pirena as well as Azulan faced Hagorn. LilaSari arrived too to help them. Alena defeated Andora using the water gem. Then, he held the hand of Memfes which glow light in it. Pirena is still confronting Hagorn when Mira arrived and then escaped together. Then, LilaSari challenges Hagorn and a woman arrived and Hagorn recognized her, it is Ariana in Amihan's armor. In Lireo, Imaw as well as the Damas prayed for the safety of their allies. Back in the outskirts, Hagorn fought Ariana who recognizes her as Amihan. Danaya knocks out Juvila when Mira asks her for help. Aquil told Danaya that he will fight the Heran. Ether arrives and faced the Sang'gres. Then, Aquil defeated Juvila. Amarro told Aquil that now they will fight alongside together. On the other hand, Hagorn while facing LilaSari and Ariana tells that he will release his trap, an army of Hadezars. Then, others saw the incoming Hadezars. After that, they saw that an army of Ivtres from Devas arrived to help them. Then, Raquim and Hagorn face each other again. Raquim asked him why Hagorn is really mad at him, and Hagorn asked him that he knows why. Raquim denied and told it was Asval. Ybrahim arrives and told Hagorn that he already defeat Asval. Raquim was knocked out by Hagorn and then Ariana attacked Hagorn. When Hagorn is about to use the gem, Ariana get it from him. Then, Ybrahim rushed into Ariana's aide. Raquim defeated Hagorn once and for all. After that, Raquim rushed to Ariana's aid calling her Amihan. Then, Ariana gave the air and the fifth gem to Ybrahim. Meanwhile, the Sang'gres faced Ether and the Sang'gres combined the gems and their forms into one. They fought Ether through switching appearances. Then, Ether who transforms into her snake form and Alena said that she is now weakening. Ether told her that they still can't defeat her but Emre appears and then turns Ether into a mortal snake. Pirena tries to approach it and Danaya stops her telling her that they already defeated the bathaluman. Back in Devas, Cassiopeia became a bathaluman. Back in Lireo, Cassiopeia returns and heals Lira. In the outskirts of Lireo, a double wedding occur, the wedding of Danaya and Aquil as well as the wedding of Pirena and Azulan. Back in Lireo, Danaya abdicates and Alena became the new Hara of Lireo. Ivtres from Devas appeared and through the greatness of Ariana, Amihan is once more became an Ivtre who reunites with Ybrahim and Lira. In the gates of Lireo, Raquim visited the tree. Then, In Sapiro, Cassiopeia gives Ybrahim and Lira a child, from Lira, which will be the new successor of Sapiro and she told them that they should call the child, Cassandra. Back in Lireo, the Sang'gres are playing with their newborn babies, the ones that will protect Encantadia in the future. Back in the outskirts, years have passed and the newborn grows up to be children. An owl observes them and flies away. In an icy kingdom, a woman, who is Cassiopeia's sister praised her of becoming a bathaluman, and then told her pet owl, that the occupation of Encantadia is near.


Yeah! What a great finale for the requel of Encantadia. And then, the scene that there is a kingdom near Lireo, which is headed by Cassiopeia's sister. We sure that the series will expand more as there is probably a sequel for the show following on that scene. And all of us are going to find out that soon.

Rating: 10/10

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