Encantadia: May 1-5, 2017 (Recap and Review)

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Another week, another recap! Lets go and check this week's recap and review of Encantadia.


In the outskirts of Hagorn's new camp, LilaSari and Amarro arrived but they can't enter as there is a barrier surrounds it. In Devas, Arde and Keros saw that Emre had Haliya's weapon. As Arde transforms, Keros apologized and said that it is destined for Emre to wield the said weapon. Back in Hagorn's new camp, Hagorn ordered his soldiers to patrol. Then, he told Deshna about fooling the diwatas. Deshna told him that she had a wrong impression of him. Hagorn told her to not ask for questions and just listen. Deshna understood what Hagorn said. Back in Lireo, where Paopao and Muyak as well as Ariana and Imaw returned. Hitano ordered the soldiers to escort Ybrahim's army while the others engaged in a conversation regarding Minea. Back in the outskirts of Hagorn's new camp, The Sang'gres appeared and Alena asked about Danaya's plan. Pirena asked if they are gonna sneak inside. Then, they talked about Minea. After that, Danaya heard a movement and took out the earth gem. Danaya said that Luna is there, and Luna climbed down from a tree. Then, Luna asked them what they will do and Danaya told her that they need help. Luna said that a barrier was placed by Hagorn. Pirena said that they will used the gems in order to remove them while Alena asked for her help. In the desert, Cassiopeia wondered where Emre is and saw Emre holding Haliya's weapon. Cassiopeia embraced him and said that they succeed in getting it. Emre thanked the Greatest God for their success and both embrace again. Back in Lireo, as the crown and scepter of the queen were brought in the palace's throne, Imaw was sad about Minea switching sides. Then, he told Paopao and Muyak as well as Ariana and told them about Minea. Back in Hagorn's new camp, Minea sensed that someone was there. Then, the sang'gres appeared before her. Back in Lireo, Ariana touched the crown and saw visions of Amihan. Then, after that she asked by Hitano and Ariana told everything to him. Hitano asked her not to tell anyone about it. In the outskirts of Hathoria, Hagorn and his allies are looking at the kingdom from a distance. Andora said that Pirena seemed to be a good queen and Hagorn told her that Pirena is his trustee. Then, he told his soldiers to spy on Lireo and leaves. Back in Hagorn's new camp, Minea raised her defenses. Danaya said that she didn't need to use it as they will not hurt her. Then, she took out the earth gem. Pirena said that the earth gem will used to heal her. Back in the outskirts of Hagorn's new camp, LilaSari saw two moons and Amarro told her everything about it's origins. Back in Hagorn's new camp, as Luna was the lookout in Minea's tent, Etherians soldiers approached to give Minea food but they were stopped by her. On the other hand, the earth gem didn't work and Alena takes out the water gem. Then, Alena approached her and as Minea seemed to lower her defenses and let Alena approach. Then after that, as Alena already approached Minea, the former Hara of Lireo hurts her. The Sang'gres leave. Minea seemed to be affected at first but grins after what Hagorn said to her. After that, Minea reports to Hagorn about her encounter with the diwatas. Then she seemed to be still afftected of what she did to Alena. Back in Lireo, as the allies of the kingdom entered. Hitano said that they are in peace but he didn't know if it is secure. Then, Ybrahim said that they should be more vigilant in order for Lireo to end like Sapiro. Then, Muros asked Hitano and Mayca to gather their forces. After that, Azulan asked Manik why he didn't join. Manik said that he doesn't want to join. Then, the Sang'gres appeared with Alena hurt. Ybrahim asked what happened, and Pirena answers him. Danaya healed Alena using the earth gem. Then, Manik told Azulan what will happened if they wouldn't leave. Back in Hagorn's new camp, Hagorn was angry about what happened and slapped an Etherian soldier. Then, another soldier told him that Luna gave them the order. Then, he asked for Luna. Ether appeared and said that Luna was the one who let the Sang'gres enter and now she fled. But, she also said that Minea was now looking for answers.

In Lireo, as Pirena holds the scepter. Danaya told her that they will return there once Alena heals. Then, Pirena said that they will punished the ones who used Minea against them. In Hagorn's new camp, Hagorn said that they will defeat Lireo after getting Luna back. Then, Ether's pursued to stop Cassiopeia and Emre in reaching Devas. In the gates of Lireo, Luna was arrested by diwata soldiers. Then, she tries to fight them and LilaSari and Amarro rushed to her aid after hearing the skirmish. Back in Lireo, Ybrahim was by Alena's side when she woke up. Then, she was surprised by this. And they engaged in a conversation regarding Minea. On the other hand, Ariana was about to bring food but fled after seeing that Ybrahim and Alena embraced. Back in Hagorn's new camp, Minea asked Hagorn's whereabouts and then asked Etherian soldiers about herself. Back in the gates of Lireo, LilaSari and Luna reunites and embraced. Back in Hagorn's new camp, an Etherian soldier reported to Andora and told her that he lied to what Minea asked them. Back in the gates of Lireo, Hagorn appears and takes Luna away after a confrontation in between. Back in Lireo, when the Hara of Lireo and the Hara of Hathoria saw  that Alena is now better, Pirena thought of a plan. Back in Hagorn's new camp, where Hagorn bring Luna back there and scolds her. Back in Lireo, Paopao saw Ariana was crying and they talked about it while Manik heard them from the distance and leaves. Back in the gates of Lireo, Manik encountered Asval and the Herans. They attacked him and Manik told them that he didn't want to ally himself with the Diwatas anymore. Then, Asval told him to report about Lireo. After that, Asval thanks him for his report and then Aquil found them. Manik quickly made a quick reason about it. Back in Hagorn's new camp, Hagorn asked Asval about Lireo and Asval reported what Manik said to him. Then, Andora said that at night, they will attack Lireo. Back in Lireo, Danaya told Muros that they will be leaving and gives permission about him ruling. Then, Aquil reports to Danaya about Manik and Asval. Then, she thanks him and told him to told Muros or Hitano about it. After that, they engaged in an argument. Meanwhile, Memfes arrives in Lireo and Alena asked him about what he did to Adamyans and he respond that he released all of them. Banak and Nakba is also in Lireo, supporting the answer of Memfes. Then she and Memfes engaged in a talk. On the other hand, Hitano and Aquil confronted Manik. Back in the outskirts of Hagorn's new camp, the Sang'gres appeared and Danaya used the earth gem in order to Pirena to enter the camp. Then, she transformed into Hagorn and engaged with Asval. Then, Asval knows that she is Pirena as she confirmed that they will be attacking Hathoria. On the other hand, Asval reported to Hagorn who is in a meeting with the Herans that Pirena was there. Then, Pirena entered Minea's tent and waits for her. After that, an arrow flies in her direction and catches it. The arrow emits a green smoke in which made Pirena fall asleep and then Hagorn and his mashnas except Minea appeared and then he was curious how Pirena entered.

In the gates of Lireo, LilaSari wakes up Amarro and then she said that he may leave him in order to go after Luna, but Amarro said that he will not leave. In Hagorn's new camp, Hagorn ordered his mashnas to bound Pirena. Then, he leaves as he will consult Ether. After that, Asval is wondering how Pirena entered their camp. Pirena said that he will know the answer and the two other Sang'gres rescued her. They engaged on a battle with Danaya defeating Odessa. After that, Andora used her power to make the Sang'gres fight each other. In the outskirts of Hagorn's new camp, Minea bought weapons and then she encountered LilaSari and Amarro who then told Minea that he is now on Hagorn's side. Back in Hagorn's new camp, the Sang'gres are still figting each other much to the amusment of Asval and Andora. Back in the outskirts of Hagorn's new camp, Minea asked the two for proof and then Amarro said that a she was under a spell. Back in Hagorn's new camp, the Gunikars arrived and help the Sang'gres. Then, they leave. In Lireo, the Sang'gres return with the Gunikars. Danaya used the earth gem to heal herself and her sisters and then ordered Muros to go give gold to the ones who save them. Memfes refused as it is enough for them to be safe especially Alena to whom Memfes kissed her hand. Then, Memfes leaves and all of them are intrigued by that move. Alena told them not to ask and walks out. Back in Hagorn's new camp, Hagorn was annoyed that the Sang'gres escaped. Andora said that Gunikars aid them and she clashed with Asval. Then, Hagorn said that they will attack Lireo after Minea has arrived. Back in Lireo, the Sang'gres are disappointed not finding Minea in the camp. Back in Hagorn's new camp, Minea let LilaSari and Amarro enter and told them to hide. Then, she was approached by Hagorn who told her that they will be leaving. Back in Lireo, as Imaw was also disappointed that the Sang'gres didn't get Minea, as Imaw would like to asked the happenings in Devas. Danaya thought about it too. In Devas, Cassiopeia and Emre arrived and then they were stopped by Ether. Back in Hagorn's new camp, As Agane had distributed the weapons, Asval held an arrow that was used as a signal for the upcoming attack on Lireo. Back in Lireo, a series of fireworks was seen and the soldiers thought that it was a celebration on the place where it is. Manik saw it and leaves. Unbeknowst to him, he was being observed by Hitano. Back in Devas, Emre used Haliya's weapon against Emre and then Ether escaped due to being overpowered by the weapon. Back in Hagorn's new camp, Luna asks a soldier for food while the other one is still there guarding her. Meanwhile, LilaSari and Amarro fights the soldiers outside. Then, Luna asked the soldier to move her bed and the soldier agrees.While the soldier moves the bed, Luna attacked the soldier and make her escape. Back in Devas, Ether and Arde as well as Keros are watching the movements of Cassiopeia and Emre. On the other hand, Cassiopeia and Emre reached the main hall but a barrier was placed there. Then, Emre used Haliya's weapon on the barrier. Back in Lireo, Mayca ordered Wantuk to return to Sapiro. Then, Manik told Ariana to come with him, but Ariana won't. Then, Aquil and Hitano arrived and asked Manik in which he replied that the enemies are there. Back in Devas, as Emre destroyed the barrier. Keros appeared and Emre attacks him using Haliya's weapon. Then, as Emre and Keros confronted each other, Emre said that he will return and told Cassiopeia to come with him as Emre knows where they will go. Back in Lireo, Pirena asked Manik where he got the information. Manik refused to answer but he told them that he is not a bad person. Then, Danaya told them to go to the main hall. Then, Hitano as well as Aquil and Muros saw that Hagorn's forces are outside. As Aquil asked how did they do it, Hitano answered that Juvila had the power to do so. Then two orbs entered the barrier which turns out to be Hagorn and Andora. Hagorn used the air and the fifth gem as well as the power from Ether to destroy the barrier. Then, another orb appeared beside Hagorn and told it that it knows what to do. Then, Hagorn and Andora was back in their orb form and followed. Then, Muros told the lambanas the symbol and also told the other soldiers to sound the horn, After that, others in the main hall heard the horn. Ybrahim and Mayca rushed to their forces. Then the others prepared as well. Paopao asked Danaya for permission to use a weapon in which she permits, telling that they are now ready while Imaw told them that he will lead the escape of others.  Then, Danaya said that they will know how to fight do everything to protect Lireo. Then, as Hagorn ordered Andora and the orb what they will do, Muros heard them and said that they will not succeed in conquering Lireo again.

In Lireo, its soldiers and allies are still battling soldiers from Hagorn's. In the outskirts, Cassiopeia was amazed by the power of Haliya's weapon and then Haliya arrives and holds her weapon again. As she congratulates Cassiopeia and Emre for finding it, Emre sensed that the weapon brings something to Haliya. Then, Haliya told them about her story in which includes the founding of Sapiro and also LilaSari. After that, seeing the effects of Ether's doing to Cassiopeia, Haliya told them to go to Devas again and she used her power to conjure a moonlight which they can reach Devas faster. Then, Ether appeared. Haliya used her power against Ether as the both escape to reach Devas. In Hagorn's new camp, LilaSari and Amarro are still finding Luna. Back in the outskirts, Luna saw some Encantados and asked them. Then, she whistled and a dragon arrive and she told the creature to give her a ride to Lireo. Back in Lireo, the battle continues. Muros, as well as Aquil and Hitano are battling Juvila. On the other hand, Minea entered the armory of Lireo, Imaw was also there and the two had a confrontation. Minea used her power to knock out Imaw. Then, Aquil was battling an Etherian soldier and the said soldier hurted him. After that, Hagorn and Andora is on the main hall, defeating soldiers and calling the Sang'gres to challenge him. Then, Hitano gave Aquil aid. Meanwhile, as Andora said that the Diwatas not responding to his call, they arrived and defeating several of Hagorn's soldiers. Meanwhile, Paopao as well as Ariana and Muyak are still defending Lireo from Hagorn's forces. Ybrahim and Mayca are there too. Then, Asval appeared and hurted Ariana after she pushed Ybrahim away. Then, Ybrahim quickly attacked Asval. On the other hand, Andora tried to used her power but she was quickly stopped by Danaya. Then, as they fight the Hagorn's forces, a soldier arrived and told Alena that Minea is in the armory. Then, Alena told Pirena and then fetch Danaya and leaves. On the other hand, Asval escapes and as Ybrahim ran to aid Ariana, she told everything about her to the Rama of Sapiro. Then, the Sang'gres found Imaw being knocked out by Minea in which she admit the she did it and she told them that everytime that she hurt the Sang'gres she felt it too. Then, Hagorn appeared and ordered Minea to attack the Sang'gres. Minea asked her why she needs to do it and Hagorn said that they are fooling her. Then, Hagorn told Minea that he will attack her using the gems he possessed if she didn't do it. Minea told him not to because she will do it herself. Minea seemed to came back to her senses and then used her power to hurt herself.

In Lireo, after Minea came back to her senses and telling all she wanted to say to the Sang'gres. Then, when Danaya asked about Amihan, Minea told her that she is not in Devas. Then, she transformed into a small plant inside an orb. On the other hand, Arde takes Lira and Mira. In the gates of Lireo, the orb was being placed into a small hill and then Alena used the water gem and the small plant turns into a small tree. Then, Muros and Hitano reports to Danaya about the battle in which the report includes Aquil. Then, Danaya leaves with Muros. Back in Lireo, Pirena founds out that Lira and Mira are missing and leaves. Meanwhile, Azulan confronts Manik about what he did. Then, Danaya went to Aquil's room and then used the earth gem to heal him. After that, Pirena went to see Ybrahim and told them that Lira and Mira was missing. Then, Danaya was told that they have captured Andora. Danaya went to the prison where Andora was held and slaps her and told her about her trial. Then, Imaw shows them through his balintataw that Arde was the one who gets Lira and Mira in which they know now where Lira and Mira were been. Pirena and Ybrahim wants to go to Hagorn and confront him, but they are being stopped by Alena who used the water gem to lock the door. In Hagorn's new camp, Lira and Mira met Ether and Juvila as well as Hagorn and Asval. Then, Hagorn asked an Etherian soldier about Luna and the soldier said that Luna flees. Lira teased Hagorn about it. Back in Lireo, Luna arrives and hugged Muyak. Then, Paopao asked her if Hagorn sent her.


As expected, one of the most intense so far is this week's episodes. This week features backstories of characters and also some reunions. We're sure that next week's episodes are more intense and exciting and we're sure that all of us can't wait to watch next week's episodes.

Rating: 9.5/10

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