Encantadia: March 27-31, 2017 (Recap and Review)

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Another week, another recap! Lets go and check this week's recap and review of Encantadia.


In Capade, Lira escaped using teleportation. Andora asked Asval what protection Lira had, and Asval replied that it was a blessing that Bathalumang Ether prepares for long. In Lireo, a giant being approaches and Cassiopeia said that it was called a Kubur. Pirena uses the fire gem and attack it, but it deflects. Then, it was realized that a Kubur was immune to the gems, after using both the fire and water gem. Cassiopeia suggested that they should attack physically instead. In Etheria, Ether watches what's happening in Lireo and increases the power of the Kubur using her staff. Back in Capade, Wahid who arrived in Capade, attacked Andora. Meanwhile, Ariana stopped running and then Muyak asked her why, Ariana said that she will help Lira, but Muyak objects, as Lira can use her power to escape but Ariana went back to help. On the other hand, Wahid was defeated by Asval. Back in Lireo, Manik as well as Aquil and Hitano, defeated Etherian soldiers who attacked the palace. Back in Capade, Asval used his ace to Lira that manages to avoid the protection given by her ashtis. After that, Asval and Andora smiled but, Amarro and LilaSari just stare at each other. Back in Lireo, they manage to attack the Kubur physically, but doesn't harm it too much. Then, Cassiopeia said that it only counterattacks their attack, so they used the power of the fire and water gems, as well as the scepters of Minea and Adhara while the army uses its firepower to defeat the Kubur and after that they rejoiced for their victory. Meanwhile in Etheria, Avria was raged seeing the Kubur was defeated. Back in Capade, Wantuk and Imaw are now awake and saw what happened. Imaw immediately sent a message to Cassiopeia about the situation. Back in Lireo, Cassiopeia saw and read the message that Imaw sent and went immediately. On the other hand, in Capade, after Lira has been defeated and the mashnas of Etheria leaves, Ariana rushed to where Lira is. 

In Lireo, Pirena seems to worry about the new gem keepers and asks Danaya their location. The latter said that she doesn't know and Alena said that Cassiopeia had a reason that she not divulged it. Ybrahim said that he is felt something different about it. In Capade, Cassiopeia arrives and saw the situation. Cassiopeia is wondering how will she say this to Pirena and Ybrahim and she also asked Emre how did this happen. In Etheria, Andora said to Avria that they defeated the new gem keepers. Back in Lireo, Cassiopeia arrives and tells them the news about what happened in Capade. After, seeing what happened to some of the gem keepers, particularly Lira and Mira as well as Gilas. Pirena lashes out her rage to Cassiopeia in which she blame for what happened. Alena interfered and said to Pirena that she calms down. Ybrahim agreed with Pirena and also somewhat blamed Cassiopeia. Then, Pirena takes out the fire gem and aims it to Cassiopeia, and holds her in the neck. Back in Etheria, Avria declared that there is a new age in Encantadia, where she said that Etheria is now back as the most powerful. Asval and Andora seems not happy about it and Avria asked why. Asval said that who would like to celebrate if the kingdom is empty. Back in Lireo, Alena said that she will take the fire that will be used against Cassiopeia. Danaya told them to calm themselves down. Cassiopeia told them that they should punish her for what happened. Ybrahim said as well that she can't approach Lira and the other gem keepers. Cassiopeia replied that if it was for the greater good, she accepts it and said that she is happy to serve them and leaves. In the outskirts of Lireo, Alena told to Cassiopeia that Pirena and Ybrahim are hurt at what happened. Cassiopeia said that she will go to Devas to find some answers. Imaw volunteered as well to go. Back in Lireo, Paopao is blaming himself. Danaya saw it and told Paopao not to. In Lireo, Pirena said that it must be Avria who perpretated on what happened in Capade and Avria must pay for what her mashnas did. Danaya told Pirena to not be hasty, and it should be planned out and then Pirena leaves.

In Lireo, Ariana encounters Manik and Azulan in the hallway. Azulan reasoned out with Ariana and asks her to return to their tribe. Ariana refused. In the outskirts of Lireo, Mayca lead Cassiopeia and Imaw to the ship that will bring them to Devas. In the gates of Etheria, Pirena appears. Danaya also appeared and tries to stop her, but failed. Both Danaya and Pirena went inside. In Lireo, Ybrahim told Mayca to prepare for an upcoming war. Alena arrives and told Ybrahim that Sapiro wouldn't be able to fight Etheria. Ybrahim told her that Hathoria would follow as well as Lireo. Back in Etheria, Pirena shouted to Avria. But they noticed that the palace is empty. Meanwhile, in Old Etheria. Avria uses the golden hourglass and the power of the gems that she possessed to summon Etherian soldiers from the past. Back in Etheria, Pirena used the fire gem to burn the palace of Etheria.  Back in Old Etheria, the Etherian army passes through the gates and Andora said that Etheria is now truly the most powerful in Encantadia. Back in Lireo, after the retres leave, Luna told Pirena about the Etherian mashnas. Then, she told her that one of them spared them. Pirena asks her to describe the appearance of the said mashna and Luna described it and Pirena said that it was LilaSari. Back in Old Etheria, LilaSari followed Amarro. Amarro told LilaSari to join him, but LilaSari seems reluctant and Amarro told her that he will wait. Back in Lireo, Luna angrily approached Danaya and Alena and tell them that they knew it all along. Pirena said that she and Ybrahim are declaring a war towards Etheria and asks Danaya and Alena if Lireo and Adamya will declare as well. Danaya said that Cassiopeia and Imaw are en route to Devas and will decide after hearing what Emre says to Cassiopeia. Alena agrees with Danaya. This prompts Pirena to break the alliance between Hathoria and Lireo and as well as Ybrahim to break the alliance between Sapiro and Lireo. Back in Etheria, where Avria arrives after visiting their old kingdom saw that the palace was on fire. She said that it must be Pirena who did it and use the air gem to put the fire out. Back in the outskirts of Lireo, Danaya told their soldiers to be alert and gives them permission to attack if they are attacked. Then Hitano commended Danaya and Alena for being calm despite the situation. Danaya said that she is also tempted to join but she doesn't want to start a great war. In the gates of Devas, Cassiopeia and Imaw's ship seems to arrive but they are halted by Arde and Ether and said that they are now in charge of the place.

In the gates of Devas, Imaw said that Ether was fooling them, then Ether said that if Emre was in Devas, he wouldn't allow Arde and Ether to enter. Then, Arde told them that they can't enter Devas and then used his power and attacks the ship. In Lireo, Luna started packing her things, Danaya tried to stop her and tries to tell the truth but Pirena stops Danaya. Also, Pirena told Danaya to not to interfere as she was one of the reasons why Avria succeeds with her plans. In the chamber where the gems are being kepts, Alena used the water gem to witness how Avria manages to get it. Meanwhile, back in Lireo, Luna is eager to join and told Muyak and Paopao to take care of her nymfa sister. Muyak tried to stop Luna from going but Pirena arrives and told Muyak and Paopao that they are coward and they are not worthy being a gem keeper and leaves. Paopao told Muyak that he agrees in what Pirena said to both of them. On the other hand, Alena told Danaya what she witnessed using the water gem. Danaya said that Pirena and Luna are now going to Etheria and she couldn't stop them. In the outskirts of Etheria, Pirena and Luna hid as they saw an army of Etherian soldiers passing by. Then, they heard from Asval and Andora that two of their contingents are going to Lireo. Luna wanted to follow but Pirena said that they should target Avria first. Then, they fought some Etherian soldiers and leave. Back in Lireo, Alena told Danaya that she will follow Pirena and Luna and then leaves. In the gates of Etheria, Pirena and Luna attacked several soldiers. After that, she told her to run in order for her to enter Etheria. Luna ran and soldiers run after her. Then, Pirena transforms into Andora. Back in Lireo, Danaya and the others found out that the gates of Devas are closed. Meanwhile, in the outskirts, Cassiopeia helped Imaw stand up after what Arde did to them. Then, Kahlil arrives and told them what happened to Devas but they should went far in order to not to be heard by Arde. Meanwhile, Alena encountered Andora and Asval who are on enroute to Lireo. A fight occured and they almost defeated Alena then Hitano and a masked encantado appeared to help her. The masked encantado turns out to be Memfes, the leader of the Gunikar tribe. In the outskirts, far from what they come from earlier, Kahlil said that Ether and Arde managed to expel Emre through the help of another bathala, named Keros. Cassiopeia said that it was the reason why Emre didn't help what happened in Capade and Imaw said that the attacks are coordinated. Back in Etheria, Avria wanders to herself how the Diwatas are powerful without them. Pirena as Andora now transformed into Ether and then dismissed the soldiers. Pirena as Ether congratulates Avria and said that she will give her a blessing. Amarro saw a wounded LilaSari and she told him that Luna manages to hit her after they encountered and then told that Avria is right that the Diwatas can't be trusted and leave. Back in Etheria, Pirena as Ether asked Avria to approach her. Avria in turn asked her about what blessing she would give. And then, Pirena as Ether attacked her, in which Avria easily avoided. And then, Avria said that she really thought that she would fool her and after that she attacked Pirena. Pirena who in turn, asked Avria to come out and challenge her.

In Etheria, Pirena used her power to attack incoming Etherian soldiers and said to Avria that she was a coward. Then, using her instinct, she attacked Avria who is invisible. Avria told her that she had that skill like her father, Hagorn, who she revealed that the former Rama of Hathoria is imprisoned in Lireo. Also, it was revealed what happened to Hagorn after the war. Pirena told Avria that she is worse than Hagorn then as she was about to use her weapon, Avria used her power to knock Pirena. In the outskirts of Etheria, Luna was surrounded by soldiers, luckily Ybrahim rushed to her aid. Back in Etheria, Pirena was under Avria's spell and used it to hurt herself, luckily Alena and Hitano rushed to her aid. Then, Ether appeared, Alena and Hitano manage to escape, much to the bathaluman's dismay. While, in the outskirts, Avria who is also hit, used the power of the gems she possessed to heal herself. Meanwhile, back in the outskirts of Etheria, after fighting many soldiers, Ybrahim seems tired and has been surrounded by Etherian soldiers, as he surrenders, Amarro appeared and defeated all the soldiers with Ybrahim. Ybrahim asked Amarro if he was one of the mashnas who attacked Capade and Amarro affirmatively respond, but said in defense that he didn't hurt anyone of them and leave.  In Lireo, Pirena was put under the care of the babaylans, since Danaya doesn't have the earth gem to heal her instantly. Back in the outskirts, Avria is amazed of the gems powers, then she used it to find where Hagorn is to break him out of prison. On the other hand, in the outskirts of Etheria, as Luna had been taken by Asval and Andora, several soldiers arrived and asked for her as ordered by LilaSari. Back in Etheria, Asval and Andora told LilaSari that they have a gift for her. LilaSari asked but Andora told her that she will find it out. Then, Ether appeared and asked Amarro's whereabouts as she thinks that Amarro is now against them. Then, as Andora said that they clearly won, Ether said that they didn't yes as their enemys are still around. Also, she said that there is nothing to worry about as Avria will found the whereabouts of a leader that the Sang'gres fear. Back in Lireo, the spell that Avria used arrive and knocks out two soldiers. There, is Hagorn, chained and saw it. Then he asked what it is needed from him. On the other hand, Pirena was now attended by the babylans. Back in Etheria, as Asval asks, who the bathaluman refers to, Ether said that he will find it out in time. Back in Lireo, the spell that Avria uses releases Hagorn from being in captivity, and Hagorn laughs.


Too many revelations on this week's episode. The diwatas should be clever enough as they should already learn it from past experiences, example, Hagorn's reign. But, we commend Danaya and Alena for its decision to uphold her declaration against Etheria. For now, we are already excited for next week's episodes, as it will unfold again new storylines, and also, new characters to the show.

Rating: 8/10

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