Encantadia: April 3-7, 2017 (Recap and Review)

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Another week, another recap! Lets go and check this week's recap and review of Encantadia.


In Etheria, Asval said that Devas is the one that he feared the most. Ether said to him that there is nothing to worry about because Devas is now in their control, Andora was glad about that news and asked the Bathaluman how did they done it. In the outskirts, Imaw told Cassiopeia about other bathalas, particularly Keros. Imaw also said that according to his ancestors, Keros is one of Emre's friends. Meanwhile, Back in Etheria, Asval asked about Keros and the bathaluman told him about the Bathala. Also, it is shown through a flashback, how Ether and Arde convinced Keros to fight against Emre. Meanwhile, back in the outskirts, Kahlil told them how Keros as well as Ether and Arde managed to expel Emre from Devas into Encantadia. Also, Kahlil said that now Devas is closed and the Ivtres are all imprisoned inside. In Lireo, Danaya wished and prayed for the return of Cassiopeia so that their questions have been answered after what happened. Back in Etheria, as LilaSari said that Ether was powerful and manages to defeat Emre, Andora arrives with Luna and asked how did this happen. After LilaSari let Luna escape and what Luna did with her in return, LilaSari said that she will now do what she needs to do to Luna before, then hits her. Back in Lireo, Muros reported to Danaya about what happened with regards to Hagorn. Back in Etheria, as LilaSari wants to hit Luna once more, Hitano appeared and told to LilaSari that Luna whose real name is Deshna, is her child. Back in Lireo, Muros told Danaya that Hagorn escaped. In the gates of Hathoria, Hagorn was confronted by Hathors who said that they are now recognizing Pirena as their leader. After that, Ether appeared and told Hagorn that there is a kingdom that is waiting for him. Back in Etheria, As Hitano told everything about Deshna to LilaSari and Asval had a knowledge with it. LilaSari asked Asval about this and Alena appears. LilaSari also asked Alena and Asval said that they are not telling the truth. Then, both Andora and Asval taked LilaSari away as the Etherian soldiers arrive. After that, as the three mashnas are now with Avria, and LilaSari volunteered to follow Alena and Hitano, Ether arrived and introduced them to Hagorn, much to Asval's surprise. Then, Hagorn calls Asval and Andora as Agane who corrected him. Hagorn also recognized Avria. Back in Lireo, Pirena wakes up and Danaya told her about a problem, that Hagorn escaped. Back in Etheria, Hagorn asked Ether why the Etheria and Etherians have returned and also said that Etherians are also his enemies. Avria told him that she doesn't forget it either as Hagorn participated to the fall of Etheria. Then, Ether stopped them and told them that they must forget it so that they can fight the Diwatas and the Sapiryans together. Back in Lireo, Pirena said that he will find Hagorn but Muros stops her saying that Cassiopeia and Imaw have returned from Devas. Back in Etheria, Hagorn and Avria are debating what will happen if they have won and Hagorn doesn't recognize such debt and told Asval that he is not coward like him and Etheria as his enemies together with Lireo and Sapiro. As he were about to leave, Ether gave him his weapon and leave. Then, Ether told Avria that she will do anything to make Hagorn their ally. Back in the outskirts, after using the water gem to clean Luna's wounds, Luna asked her. Alena said that they did it to protect her, and also, asked Hitano what is true.

In the outskirts, Luna was angry at Alena for not telling the truth. Hitano told her not to be angry with the Diwatas because they did what they believed is best for her. Then, she snapped and told that the best for her is not to interfere with her. And Alena asked Hitano to follow her. In Lireo, Ariana trains alone and Manik volunteered to help her. Meanwhile, Paopao and Muyak are against each other, in training. In the gates of Hathoria, where Hagorn arrives, he is being confronted by Hathors, and asks who he is. Hagorn told them that if someone is still loyal to him can join, which majority on the gates are. Then, Hagorn attacked the remaining Hathors who didn't join him. In Sapiro, Ybrahim told Mayca that they must train the soldiers and needs more Encantados to join them and asks Wantuk and Kayzan to recruit Adjantaos as well as Bandidos or Mandirigmas. Danaya appeares and Ybrahim asked him if she will now join, and Danaya said that Cassiopeia arrives and the Rama of Sapiro is wanted there. Back in Lireo, where the leaders are now in the hall, Cassiopeia told them about what happened to Devas and told them that they must cooperate with each other against their enemy. In the outskirts, wherein LilaSari dispersed her soldiers, Amarro arrives and asked her who she is after for. After telling Amarro all, Amarro said that if Luna was named as Deshna, then, they are telling the truth. Amarro said that he must have not been subjected to Avria. LilaSari now wanted to know her past and asked him how could she regain it without the help of the Hara of Etheria. Amarro knows how to and said that he is ready to help. Back in Lireo, Imaw said that their problem is not only Encantadia but also Devas. Pirena told them that they will be discussing the attacks after she returned and leaves, as Alena asked her where she would go. Meanwhile, in the outskirts of Etheria, Luna remembered her encounters with LilaSari. Hitano told her that her mind must be in odds, and Luna told Hitano that the Diwatas are bad for keeping the truth which Hitano countered telling her that LilaSari is under Avria's control and assure that LilaSari is good as Luna told him why she would believe him, Hitano said that he is her foster father before. Then, Luna said that Avria must pay for what happened and told him that she will surprised the Diwatas and leaves. Hitano followed her and unbeknownst to them, Ether is observing them. Back in the outskirts, LilaSari told Amarro where they are going and he told LilaSari that they are going to the Spring of Truth. LilaSari suggested that they should use their ability, and Amarro told her not to as Avria will notify their whereabouts and suggest that they could rest for a while. LilaSari told him that they must continue as she can't wait to know the truth. On the other hand, Hagorn was walking with his followers and sensed something. He attacks and Pirena maanges to avoid it. Hagorn then laughs and greeted her and told her that he is glad to see her again. As Pirena saw her Hathor soldiers, Hagorn told her that they are his followers. Pirena called his followers traitors and used the fire gem to punish them. Hagorn attacks Pirena and she told him that they are inviting him to join them. Back in Etheria, Cassiopeia appeared and attacks them. Avria asked her what she is doing in her kingdom and Cassiopeia told her that she needs Asval and Andora. Then she attacked them and Avria retaliated by using her powers. Then, as Avria binds Cassiopeia, she escaped and put a mark on Asval and Andora. As Avria tried to attacked Cassiopeia again, she disappeared and Avria told her mashnas that she is still there. Back in the outskirts, Hagorn asked Pirena what he will get if he agreed with her proposal. Pirena replied that he will get his freedom which Hagorn said that he is now got it and asked her again for another. Then, Ether appeared and also make a proposal to Hagorn if she joins her. Then, she whispered it to him and laughs. Back in Etheria, Cassiopeia said that none of them will hold the gems and used her power to obtain it gems again.

In the outskirts, Pirena asked Hagorn what Ether said to him, but the former Rama of Hathoria said that she didn't need to know. Also, Pirena said to Hagorn what Avria did to Mira. In Etheria, Cassiopeia calls for the gems. Back in the outskirts, Hagorn questions Ether about what Pirena said and the bathaluman answers him. Then, after that, Hagorn asks Pirena to go away. Back in Etheria, as Avria told Asval and Andora that Cassiopeia is away, she takes out her gem possession and it is revealed that Cassiopeia got the earth gem. Back in the outskrts, Pirena told Hagorn that she hoped that he can change and tells him to join them against Etheria. As Hagorn, seemed to be think upon about what Pirena said, he told her to leave. Then, Ether spew her power towards Pirena and made her leave. And it is revealed that Ether promised Hagorn, Deshna and Hagorn agreed to join Etheria if she could give her daughter back. Meanwhile, Amarro and LilaSari is still on their journey to reach the Spring of Truth. In Lireo, Cassiopeia returned the earth gem to Danaya. Back in Etheria, after conversations, the Etherians are now preparing for the battle now that the earth gem is now in Lireo's possession. Back in Lireo, Danaya asked Cassiopeia how did she got the earth gem and Cassiopeia said that she fought for it. On the other hand, Pirena who is now back in the palace, and engage in a meaningful conversation with Azulan. Back in the outskirts, Hitano was convincing Luna to return to Lireo, but Luna refuses. Then, Ether appears and takes Luna after knocking out Hitano. In the Spring of Truth, Amarro and LilaSari arrives. There, LilaSari regains her memories. Back in Lireo, where the leaders of the kingdoms are there, are planning to declare against Etheria. After that, Cassiopeia took some of Lira's hair and declared that a new hope for Encantadia has come. Then, the lambanas formed a symbol that starts their declaration against Etheria. Asval and Andora saw this and immediately went to notify Avria. Meanwhile, Pirena asked Imaw to see what really happened in Capade, after seeing all of this, Pirena was in rage and Imaw told her to calm down. Then, Imaw told Cassiopeia that Pirena saw what happened on her island and a purple retre appeared before them in which the follow. In the gates of Hathoria, Hagorn is wielding his sword when Ether arrives together with Luna which told Hagorn that she is Deshna. Back in the outskirts, Imaw and Cassiopeia are still following the purple retre where it leads it to an Encantado that says that he is a former bathala whose been defeated by Arde and Ether as well as Keros and expel him to Devas without powers. Cassiopeia asked if he is Emre and the encantado confirms it that he is Emre.

In Lireo, Danaya told Ybrahim that Hagorn is alive and probably will side with Avria. In the gates of Hathoria, Luna asked who is his father's name and he said that he was Hagorn, the true King of Hathoria, and then he asked her to approach him and hugged him. In the outskirts, as Cassiopeia can't read the Encantado's mind, Imaw requested to see his past with his balintataw, the Encantado agrees and Imaw saw all and proved that the Encantado is indeed Emre. Then, Emre said that he needs their help to claim again Devas as they cannot win the battle in Encantadia without winning Devas first. On the other hand, while finding Luna, Pirena saw Mira and hugged her. But she knows that it is not Mira but Avria, who told her that they accept their declaration. Meanwhile, Imaw asked Emre how could they win now that he is an ordinary Encantado. Emre said that power is not the only way and he knows their strength and weaknesses. Then, Emre said that he will find an important person and they'll meet him when it is time to go to Devas. Back in Lireo, as Aquil watches Danaya who felt his presence and Aquil hides. Pirena and Hitano appeared and told them that Avria accepted their declaration. Then, Paopao and Muyak as well as Ariana asked where are the royals and the soldiers. Aquil said that they are in the first line of defense. They told Aquil that they must follow and join but Cassiopeia and Imaw appears telling them that there are no such thing happened and they will send them back. In the first line of defense of Lireo, they are preparing their army for their attack towards Etheria. In Etheria, as Avria sends her army, Ether told her to used the gem's power first. Then, she used it and the army of the three kingdoms are now gasping except Hitano. Back in the outskirts, as Emre continues his journey, he encountered Etherian soldiers and fights them. Back in the first line of defense of Lireo, Danaya used the earth gem and Alena used the water gem to counter it, which is a success then, Cassiopeia and Imaw arrived telling them to halt which made Pirena angry. Back in Etheria, the success of the Diwatas made Avria in dismay and Hagorn appeared with Luna, with Hagorn pledging his alliance with them and leaves. Back in the gates of  Hathoria, Luna questions Hagorn, who told her that he will be keeping his promise to Ether for now, and he still hates Avria and will avenge as well after that. Back in the first line of defense in Lireo, Cassiopeia told them what Emre said. Pirena said that there is no guarantee for it while Danaya and Alena seemed to agree with Cassiopeia. Pirena leaves and went to Ybrahim. Then, Danaya ordered Muros about it and Mayca asked if she could go tell the Rama of Sapiro and Alena said that there is no need as Ybrahim knows it by now. In the first line of defense of Sapiro, Pirena told Ybrahim what happened and Wantuk saw Asval and Andora as well as the army of Etherian soldiers using his telescope.

In the first line of defense of Sapiro, as Wantuk saw the Etherians, both sides prepare and now engaged in battle. In Lireo, Muyak noticed that Paopao was doing the sign, the sign of the cross and prayed for Encantadia. In the outskirts, Emre encountered Ether while walking, she taunts him and then engaged in a fight. Back in the first line of defense of Sapiro, Pirena and Ybrahim engaged with a battle against Asval, as they are on their way into defeating him, Andora intervenes and used her power against the leaders of Hathoria and Sapiro. Luckily, Danaya as well as Alena and Cassiopeia appeared and save them from Andora's power. Cassiopeia used Andora's own power against her. Then, Danaya let Asval and Andora to leave in order to send the news to Avria that she wanted another discussion then she told Pirena and Ybrahim that they would have been defeated if they d't arrive to help. Then, Alena told Ybrahim the instances if they continued this. Pirena was frustrated after seeing that Ybrahim seemed to change his stance. Danaya told Pirena that she is again, exhibiting selfishness. Pirena didn't mind what her sister say and leaves. Cassiopeia told them that let Pirena go as she will be eventually enlightened. Back in the outskirts, Asval is angry at both Pirena and Ybrahim and Andora tells him the reason why. Back in the first line of defense of Sapiro, Mayca was about to tell Ybrahim, but he told his mashna that he knew it already. Mayca also told him that what they are gonna do was already knew by the Diwatas. And then, Ybrahim agreed. In Etheria, the mashnas relayed the news to Avria which she thought that they are being frightened. Asval told the Hara of Etheria to be wary about it and Andora also concurred. In the gates of Hathoria, Pirena finds Luna and told her to come and side with her as Hagorn will be put her in uncertainty. Luna told her that she will not leave him and then tells her that Hagorn didn't really side with the Etherians. Back in the outskirts, LilaSari told Amarro that she is excited to see her daughter again. In the outskirts of Sapiro, Alena appeared to fetch Ybrahim. Back in the gates of Hathoria, Pirena asked again her sister if could come with her but Luna refuses, saying that she want to know more about Hagorn. Both embraced and Luna leaves. Then, Pirena saw LilaSari and Amarro. Back in Lireo, Danaya as well as Cassiopeia and Imaw are planning on their discussion about Etheria. Danaya said that she has no choice but she'll do it and of course, with the advantage of the kingdoms except Etheria. Unbeknowst to them, Paopao is outside, listening. Then, Danaya told Cassiopeia and Imaw that they should went to Emre and help him. Cassiopeia said that she'll go alone, leaving Imaw as the elder is needed there with them. Back in the gates of Etheria, as Pirena encountered LilaSari and Amarro. They told Pirena that they defected from Avria and LilaSari told her that she regains her past and she already escapes Avria's power and she told her as well that she wanted to be with her daughter. Pirena said that it was too late because her daughter is now with Hagorn. LilaSari asked her where she is and Pirena said that she will tell her if they tell all they knew about Avria, including her strength and weaknesses. In the gates of Etheria, Hagorn already feel that what they are about to meet is near. Then, Danaya as well as Alena and Ybrahim arrives, where Avria greets them.


 All we could say is that this week's episodes are one of the most exciting as they are introduced new characters to the show, thus expanding it which made us anticipate for more. For now, let us wait for next week's upcoming episodes as the show will reveal a new character that will, for sure, help our fave ones.

Rating: 9/10

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