Encantadia: April 24-28, 2017 (Recap and Review)

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Another week, another recap! Lets go and check this week's recap and review of Encantadia.


In the outskirts, Cassiopeia told Emre that Hagorn starts making havoc again and also told him that Ether found Avria's successor easily. She also said that they must find the weapon of Haliya immediately. Emre used his skills to call huge bird, a griffin to seek help finding the weapon. In Lireo, Andora told the Sang'gres that they don't want a fight between their kingdoms and proposed a battle between them and the Sang'gres. Danaya agrees. On the other hand, Hagorn and Asval are watching behind the distance. Asval asks him and Hagorn told him that he studies the skills of the Sang'gres. The battle between the Sang'gres and the Herans continue but before Danaya finished the battle, Hagorn and Asval intervened with Hagorn used the gems that he possessed. Then, Hagorn and his allies leave. After that, Pirena told the others that there must be a reason behind the attack. Ybrahim asked Imaw about the whereabouts of Hagorn's new camp and they didn't see it. Hitano told them that Hagorn did something to hide their whereabouts. Then, Danaya told his soldiers to be vigilant. Ybrahim told Mayca to go to Sapiro and tell their soldiers to be vigilant too. On the other hand, Paopao told Ariana and Muyak about the fight between the Herans and noticed that they are silent. Paopao asked why and Muyak told him that they are having a conversation before he arrived. Paopao asked about it and Ariana told him no to ask. Muyak told Paopao that Azulan and Manik are pressuring her into marrying the latter. They are continuing their conversation when Manik approaches and listens. Meanwhile. Pirena went to her old room and finds Azulan. They engage in a conversation while drinking wine and then Azulan holds her face and kissed her. Pirena broke the kiss and told him that she wanted to achieve something. Azulan leaves. On the other hand, Ariana enters the armory and holds Amihan's weapon. Then, she saw visions of Amihan. Ybrahim arrives and the armory and asks why is she there. Ariana asked him how Amihan got her sword and Ybrahim answered her. Ariana told him that she knows already that before he said it even though she didn't know her. In the gates of Lireo, Muros told their army chiefs to be vigilant. Asval and the Herans are observing afar with Andora saying that their attack prompt the Diwatas to tighten their security. Back in Lireo, Manik told Azulan that they must go back immediately. Azulan told him that they was nothing to worry about and also told him that he will not leave Lireo until Pirena joins him, making Manik no choice but to stay as well. Meanwhile, Ybrahim told Ariana that she must know that as Amihan is famous. Ariana disagrees because Punjabwe is secluded that the news from Lireo reaches on their place. Ybrahim told her that he would not to talk about it anymore and asked Ariana to put it down and leave. Ariana obliged. Back in the gates of Lireo, Asval and the Herans are there. Juvila used her power to enter the barrier, while the rest of them are observing her as she entered. Back in the outskirts, Cassiopeia offers Emre leaves as it will slows down what Ether did to them. Then, Emre told Cassiopeia about what Keros did to him as he trusts him. Back in Lireo, Juvila successfully entered the palace and knocks out Sapiryan soldiers using her powers. Then, Ybrahim found her, the two engaging in a fight. Manik was passing by when he saw the fight. But he simply put on a smirk and hides while Ybrahim and Juvila is still on fight.

In Lireo, Alena and Danaya founds Ybrahim and Juvila. They helped Ybrahim and fights Juvila. Juvila escaped. In the outskirts, LilaSari and Amarro are still finding Luna. Back in Lireo, as Ariana was about to leave her room, her dama and the soldiers stopped her. Ariana asked why and the dama told her that an enemy entered the palace. Ariana asked if she can visit the Rama of Sapiro, but Manik interrupts by saying no. On the other hand, Danaya used the earth gem to heal Ybrahim. After that, Imaw arrives and Danaya asked how an Etherian was able to enter, Imaw told them that Juvila can control time. Danaya said that it must be the reason that Juvila was fast. In Hagorn's new camp, Hagorn held a meeting with Asval and the Herans. After that, Hagorn told them to prepare their army. Back in Lireo, Manik enters Ariana's room where she is there, asleep. He kissed Ariana's temple and asked the dama to keep an eye on her and leaves. Then, Ariana wakes up, as she is only pretended to be asleep. She asked her dama to take her to the room where Ybrahim is. Then, as Danaya was on the statue of Emre, Aquil and Hitano was walking in the corridor when Aquil stops when she saw Danaya. Hitano told Aquil to approach Danaya and Aquil said to him that Danaya doesn't want that. Then, Hitano wonders about the whereabouts of Cassiopeia and Emre and if they suceeded. Then, they left. Back in the outskirts, Emre prays to the Greatest God. In the desert, the griffin founds the weapon of Haliya. The griffin approached it but failed. In Hagorn's new camp, Ether told Hagorn that he knows what he will do and he will not need her for the moment as Ether will find Cassiopeia and Emre. Then, Ether leaves. Asval arrives telling him that the army was ready. Hagorn noticed that Luna is not in their premises and asks Asval where she is. Back in the outskirts, Luna was going to Lireo to warn her friends and stops by at a huge rock. Unbeknownst to her, LilaSari and Amarro was also there. Back in Lireo, Ariana enters Ybrahim's room and kissed him. Then, Ybrahim wokes up and says that she is Amihan. Then, Ariana leaves. In the outskirts, as Ether wonders about Cassiopeia and Emre, she used her power in order to find them. On the other hand, the griffin arrives and told Emre about the location of Haliya's weapon and the griffin wanted to lead them to its location. Meanwhile, Luna is still on her route to Lireo when Hagorn found her. Luna told Hagorn that she will warn her friends, but Hagorn said that they will be not harmed. Back in Lireo, Ariana prayed to Emre and to Amihan. Then the dama appeared and told her to return as she can be seen by Manik. On the other hand, Ybrahim dreams about Sapiro. Then, he sensed something different. In Sapiro, Hagorn and his allies attacked the palace. He ordered to Asval that he entered first, but he is blocked by the barrier. Then, Hagorn used the power of the gems he possessed in order to break it. Back in Lireo, Ybrahim wanted to return to Sapiro. Danaya told him that he is not well, but he insisted to. Alena volunteered to went with him in Sapiro. Alena and Ybrahim as well as Wantuk leave. In the outskirts, Cassiopeia and Emre are walking when Ether found them.

In the outskirts, Ether asked Cassiopeia and Emre where are they going and Cassiopeia told her to leave them. Then, Ether used her power to hit them but they avoided it. Then, Cassiopeia used her power in order to escape. After that, Arde arrives and Ether told him to return to Devas in which Arde obliged to do. In Lireo, Ariana asked the dama to give the flowers to the Rama of Sapiro when Manik arrives and told her that he is not in Lireo anymore and also told her that Alena is with him. In Sapiro, Ariana and Ybrahim as well as Wantuk arrives and saw the situation. After seeing what happened, Ybrahim vowed that he will make Hagorn pay for what he did to his kingdom. In the outskirts of Sapiro, Hagorn and his allies are watching the kingdom's situation from the distance. Asval is sad while watching Sapiro. Hagorn told him not to as Sapiro deserved it when they made an alliance with the Diwatas. Hagorn leaves. Then, Andora told Asval that she read his mind. Asval told her not to say anything. Back in Lireo, Alena told them everything that happened in Sapiro. Pirena told them that his soldiers are finding Hagorn. Then, a munch'ka arrived and whispered in Danaya's ear and then she thanked the munch'ka and told them that she already knows Hagorn's location. In Hagorn's new camp, they arrived and was met by Hagorn and his allies. Ybrahim and Asval are went to a battle and when Ybrahim almost defeated Asval, Ybrahim was blocked by Juvila and her soldiers. Back in Lireo, Paopao looks at his hand and saw visions of the fifth gem where he held it before. Then he wished that the gem would not made itself obey Hagorn's orders and also to take the good side. Back in Hagorn's new camp, Pirena told them that there is someone also owes them which is Andora in which simply smiled. Then, Ether appears and attackes them. And then they escaped. The soldiers from Lireo as well as Sapiro and Hathoria retreats back. Then, Hagorn laughs and Ether told them that if it wasn't for her they are already defeated. Back in Lireo, Danaya was knocked out and Aquil approached her telling her to wake up. Danaya wakes up and used the earth gem to heal herself. Pirena told them that they are no match if Ether hadn't arrived to aid them. Ybrahim told that they match their power. Danaya agrees with the Rama of Sapiro and told them that they shouldn't underestimate them or else they will lose. Back in Hagorn's new camp, Hagorn salutes Ether in which Ether told him that she doesn't trust him in full as she knows that Hagorn helped Pirena to defeat Avria in which Hagorn replies that he did it because Pirena won't stop until Avria is defeated and also did it for the gem's sake. Ether told him that he is shrewd and that why she still helped him. Then, Asval thanked Ether for what she did. Then, Ether told them that she summoned a warrior in order to help them. After that, Hagorn approaches Ether and whispered in his ear. Then, Hagorn laughs. Back in Lireo, Danaya is standing in her room together with Alena and Pirena. While, Ybrahim and Aquil is there too standing beside the sang'gres.

In Lireo, Pirena told her sisters as well as Ybrahim and Aquil that the Etherians are not strong. Back in Hagorn's new camp, Ether said that she will fetch her new warrior that will help them defeat the Diwatas. Back in Lireo, Paopao brought food in Ybrahim's room and they engage in a discussion. In the desert, they saw Haliya's weapon, and Cassiopeia tries to get it. Back in Lireo, a Hathor soldier that sided with Hagorn arrives. Pirena used the fire gem towards it but the scroll meant something different. Then, Alena sealed it and Pirena entered on the barrier. They disappear at first but Pirena returned. In Devas, two of Ether's soldiers dragged a person and Ether said she is glad with this. Back in Lireo, Ybrahim again said that he will make Hagorn pay. Danaya told Muros to raise their symbol. In the outskirts, Asval saw the symbol and told Deshna that they accept Hagorn's challenge. In the ourskirts of Lireo, Aquil and Hitano as well as the soldiers saw they symbol. Manik and Azulan saw it too. Then, Manik and Azulan had a soft argument about joining the Diwatas. Back in Hagorn's new camp, Asval reported to Hagorn what he saw and Hagorn told them to prepare. Back in the desert, the griffin arrives together with Cassiopeia. She faced large scorpions guarding Haliya's weapon. Back in the outskirts, Amarro told LilaSari about what happened after Hagorn attacks Sapiro. LilaSari told him to went where the battle will be held to find her daughter. Meanwhile, Luna tried to escape and she defeated several Hathor soldiers. After that, she was cornered by Andora. Back in Devas, Arde arrives and Keros is watching Cassiopeia and Emre. Back in the desert, Cassiopeia fights the scorpions. Back in Lireo, Manik told Ariana that they are going back to Punjabwe and she is joining him back. Ariana refused. Manik somewhat forced her to go but he is stopped by Muyak and the soldiers. Back in Hagorn's new camp, Ether introduced Hagorn to his new mashna, Minea. Back in the desert, Cassiopeia was caught by one of the scorpions. Back in Devas, Arde watches Cassiopeia and laughs. Back in the desert, Emre comes to aid Cassiopeia. The griffin also came back and distract the scorpions. Back in Lireo, Ariana told Muyak not to tell her brother about what happened. Muyak said what they would do if Manik told him first. Then, Azulan arrives and told Paopao to prepare. Ariana told her brother that she wanted to join. Azulan gives her a weapon, that signify that he let Ariana to join. On the other hand, the Sang'gres saw the moons and and Muros told them that they are ready. The three of them leave. Back in Hagorn's new camp, Hagorn greeted Minea.

In Sapiro, two forces are now facing. Then, Asval asked Minea to reveal herself. Minea removes her face cover and revealed herself to the Sang'gres and its allies. The Sang'gres are in awe when they saw Minea. Pirena told her sisters that Minea didn't recognized them. On the other hand, Minea asked Asval why are the enemies aren't making a move. Then, Minea commanded Hagorn's army to attack. In Hagorn's new camp, Hagorn watches all the happenings in Sapiro using the balintataw of Ether and wondered how Minea got into their side. Ether told him that it was very easy, as she and Arde controls Devas. It was revealed that Keros used his power to make Minea switch sides. Back in Sapiro, the fighting still continue. Then, Minea faced the Sang'gres and used her power against them. After that, Imaw approached Minea and used his balintataw for Minea to see the truth. In the desert, Emre wakes Cassiopeia up and told her that he will try to get Haliya's weapon. Back in Sapiro, as the fighting still continue, Etherians saw what Imaw did to Minea. Andora ordered Odessa to fire an arrow, but it has been deflected by Paopao's bat. Then, the San'gres wake up and all of them leave. Meanwhile, the Sang'gres and the others arrived inside the palace. Danaya said that it was a surprise for them that they use Minea against them while Pirena is still in doubt. Back in Hagorn's new camp, Minea arrives and greets Ether and Hagorn. Then, she said that an Adamyan shows her something. But Ether told her that they made them up. On the other hand, Luna is observing them from behind. Back in Sapiro, Alena told them that it was the real Minea and then asked Imaw if she is the one that they fight but Imaw's balintataw shows that Minea was in Hagorn's side. Then, Danaya told Ybrahim to take her soldiers back in Lireo. Ybrahim asked and Danaya said that they will told everything after rhey return. After that, the Sang'gres leave. In Devas, Arde and Keros are watching Emre. Back in the desert, Emre prayed to the Greatest God to help him. Back in Devas, Arde again summoned the scorpions to block Emre. Back in the desert, Cassiopeia is wondering where Emre is and Emre himself jumps and got what the thing that they need.


This week's episodes was truly excitable to watch and also one of the intense. Well, it is. We are sure that there are going to have more action scenes. And we truly bet that all of us can't wait to watch next week's episodes.

Rating: 9.5/10

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