Encantadia: April 17-21, 2017 (Recap and Review)

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Another week, another recap! Lets go and check this week's recap and review of Encantadia.


In the outskirts of Etheria, Alena stopped Danaya and Pirena's fight. In the outskirts, as Emre was bound by Ether, she tried to see the diwata using her balintataw but failed. In the spring of truth, as Cassiopeia got the the food that it requested, she asked her about the bathaluman and found out that Haliya likes honey. In Lireo, Alena and Danaya returned. Muros gave them a scroll from Etheria in which Avria wants them to meet according to Ybrahim. In the gates of Hathoria, Pirena returned and told Luna about the golden hourglass. Then, Hagorn returned and shows them the golden hourglass. Back in Lireo, as Alena and Danaya as well as Ybrahim left to Etheria, Ariana as well as Muyak and Paopao followed them. Back in the gates of Hathoria, Pirena was surprised by Hagorn's move to gave her the golden hourglass. Back in the outskirts, Ether finds Cassiopeia and they engage into a fight. Back in the gates of Hathoria, Luna thanked Hagorn for what he'd done. After that, a soldier was also pleased of what Hagorn did, but he said that he did it for them, not to Pirena. In Etheria, while Asval and Andora are bothered on the mark that Cassiopeia made, Avria told them to prepare. Back in the outskirts, as Ether and Cassiopeia fights, she bounds Cassiopeia using her form and Cassiopeia transforms herself into an eagle and fly away. Back in Etheria, Danaya told Avria that they have not involve regarding the golden hourglass. Then, Hagorn arrives and told them that Pirena stole it and tells Avria to use her balintataw to see. In Old Etheria, Pirena placed the golden hourglass and ordered her the time in Capade, then she turned it and the portal opens and showed the past. Back in Etheria, Avria ordered Andora to follow Pirena. Then, Hagorn provoking them prompting Alena to used her power against him. Then, as the commotion continues between them and Hagorn. Avria told them that he will not listen to what Hagorn is saying if they give her the water gem. Danaya said that it would be a disadvantage to them if they surrender the water gem and Hagorn told Avria not to trust them. Then, Avria showed the earth gem and will use it against them. Then, a gem battle happened and the earth gem was destroyed by the water gem. Hagorn said that the gem was not real. Back in Old Etheria, Pirena saw the arrival of the Avria's mashnas in the portal and as she was about to enter, Andora arrived and told the golden hourglass to show what happened in the present. The portal shows two events, the one in Capade in the past, and then the present what happened in the palace of Etheria. Back in Etheria, the Sang'gres used their power to attack the soldiers. Avria said that the diwatas are smart and Hagorn told her that he was smarter and whispered something to Avria. Then, Avria used her the power of the gems that she hold to reveal them. 

In the outskirts, as Muyak guides Paopao and Ariana to Etheria, they encountered its soldiers and asked them to leave. They pretend to leave and as the soldiers leaves the area, they continued their way. In Old Etheria, Pirena witnesses the two happenings in the portal. In Etheria, as Pirena views through the portal, Hagorn told Avria that the diwatas are vulnerable during that state and told her that they should be bound so that they can't escape. Back in Old Etheria, Andora told her that she may return to the past but it will she wouldn't save her sisters and Ybrahim in the present. Back in Etheria, Avria ordered her soldiers to imprison the two Sang'gres and the Rama of Sapiro. Back in Old Etheria, Andora is pressuring Pirena about the happenings on the portals. In the Spring of Truth, Cassiopeia puts down the honey that for Haliya and then used her power in order to not to be detected by Ether. Back in the outskirts, Ether was dismayed that she can't sense Cassiopeia. Back in Etheria, Ariana as well as Paopao and Muyak arrived and they engage into a battle againsts the Etherian soldiers. Then, Avria told Asval to wake their captives and Asval slaps them, after that, Avria told Alena that she will punish Danaya if she don't gave her the water gem. Back in Old Etheria, as Andora taunts Pirena to save her sisters, and said that she can go through and save one and Pirena knocks out Andora. Then, she witnessed again what happened in Capade and she rages. The portal was deactivated and Pirena disappears. Then, Andora regains her conciousness and finds Pirena. Back in the Spring of Truth, dark clouds appeared and Cassiopeia sees them. Back in Old Etheria, Andora saw also the clouds and awes at the fire gem's power. Back in Etheria, Alena told them that she will not give the water gem to them and Hagorn slaps her. This prompted Ybrahim to lash out on Hagorn as well. Back in the Spring of Truth, Cassiopeia used her balintataw and saw what happens in Etheria. Then, she told herself that she stays to wait Haliya and they should take care of themselves. Back in Old Etheria, Andora is wondering where Pirena is. Then, as the commotion in Etheria about giving the water gem continues, Pirena comes to their aid. She freed them and asked Hagorn about Avria. Then, Ybrahim kicks Asval who in turn disappeared. After that, Avria arrived and asked what happened. Then, Pirena appears and attacks her. Then, as Alena as well as Danaya and Ybrahim returns, Avria introduced them to the two herans, Juvila and Odessa. Then Avria leaves and Pirena followed her. Meanwhile, Manik and Azulan arrives as well and aids Ariana. Then, while they are about to enter the palace, Ariana saw Pirena and decides to follow her. Manik and Azulan followed Ariana as well while Paopao and Muyak entered the palace of Etheria. Back in Old Etheria, Avria was weakened and asked the fifth gem to heal her. But before it can heal her, Pirena appears and knocks her out. In the outskirts of Etheria, Asval called Hagorn a traitor and Hagorn defeats all the Etherian soldiers. Then he told Asval that he is not born to serve another and that he is the King of Encantadia. He also told him to switch sides. Asval asked him about Avria and he told him to not to worry about her. Then, he told him that he saw Avria summoned herans from the past. Asval asked him who they are and he told them that he knew them as Juvila and Odessa. Back in Etheria, the fighting continues between the Sang'gres and the two herans while Ybrahim takes the Etherian soldiers. Back in the Spring of Truth, the Buwaya told Cassiopeia that the moons are out and she should hide. Then, Haliya arrives and smelled the honey. Back in Old Etheria, Pirena blames Avria for what happened in the past. Then she ordered the fire gem to reveal the golden hourglass. Avria wokes up and tried to get it. Back in the Spring of Truth, Haliya ate the honey and felt sleepy. She decides to sleep for a while, and then Cassiopeia appeared and take her while she is sleeping. Back in Old Etheria, the golden hourglass was taken by Avria from Pirena.

In Old Etheria, Pirena told Avria to return the golden hourglass to her. Avria refused and activates the portal. Then, she used her power to control Pirena and attempt to sent her in the past. In Etheria, the fighting stopped between the two herans and sang'gres and they left, saying that it's not yet the right time. Back in Old Etheria, Pirena is resisting the control of Avria. Back in Etheria, Paopao and Muyak meets Alena and Danaya as well as Ybrahim. Back in Old Etheria, The punjabwes arrive and one of them manages to hit Avria. Manik was ready to punish her when Pirena stops him in doing so. Then, Pirena picked golden hourglass up and tries to send Avria to the past, in the fall of Etheria. Avria told her not to and offered to give both the air and the fifth gem to her. Then, Hagorn appeared and manages to get the golden hourglass to Pirena. He told Pirena that they were allies and  after that, Avria takes out the air and the fifth gem after the two converse. Manik saw that Avria was transferring the gems and alerted his peers. In the outskirts of Etheria, Asval and Andora almost defeated Aquil. Luckily, the mark that Cassiopeia gave to the two activates which prompted them to escape. Back in Old Etheria, after Hagorn got the gems, he sent Avria into two periods, the past and the future and the golden hourglass was being taken by the portal, much to his dismay. Pirena woke up and ask where the gems are, Manik said that it was with Hagorn. Pirena asked Hagorn the gems, and shows it. As Pirena attempted to take the gems from him, Hagorn closes his palm and laughs before leaving. Then the others arrived and Alena asked where the gems are, Manik told them that Hagorn holds them. Back in the outskirts of Etheria, Hagorn looks at his gem possession and Asval and Andora arrived. Asval asked where Avria is and Hagorn said that the Diwatas defeated her. Back in Etheria, Alena and Danaya return and fight the remaining soldiers. Aquil is there too. Back in the outskirts of Etheria, as Asval asked Hagorn how they will fight the Diwatas. Hagorn introduced them to Juvila and Odessa whose with the Hathors that was loyal to him and the remaining Etherian soldiers. Back in Etheria, Alena ordered the water gem and Danaya ordered the earth gem to fuse and destroy Etheria. Back in the outskirts of Etheria, Hagorn and his allies witness the second fall of Ether's kingdom. In Lireo, Alena and Danaya as well as Ybrahim back in the council room together with the Punjabwes. Also there was Mayca and Imaw. Muyak as well as Ariana and Paopao are there too. Hitano as well as Muros and Aquil are back also. In Capade, Pirena was there. Back in Lireo, everyone in the council room discussed about the gems and Hagorn. Danaya ordered Hitano to follow him. In the outskirts, Emre and Cassiopeia are still on the trail to where Haliya is and they encountered Ether.

In the gates of Hathoria, Hagorn and his new allies arrived and Luna wasn't happy about it. In the outskirts, Haliya woke up in a barrier that Cassiopeia created in order for her to avoid escaping. Then, Emre and Cassiopeia arrived and saw Haliya. Emre introduced himself and Haliya told him who did this to her. Cassiopeia apologized and said that it was her. Haliya used her power against Cassiopeia. Then, Emre told Haliya to listen to him. In the gates of Hathoria, Hagorn said that they need a new camp and said that Ether is there for them. Andora doubts this and Ether shows up. Back in the outskirts, Emre told Haliya what happened to him and also his journey with Cassiopeia and Haliya saw what Ether did to them. Haliya told them that she can't undo what Ether did and also told them to find her weapon to fight them. Emre asked her where it is and Haliya told them that she throw it in Encantadia after she decided to settle on the moon. Haliya told them to find it before the thing that Ether did to them affects the both of them. Back in the gates of Hathoria, Ether knew what happened to Avria and called Arde which she said that they will help them. Back in the outskirts, Cassiopeia asked Haliya if she can find it, but Haliya doesn't know where to after that, she shows them the image of her weapon, a trident. Then, she told them that there is a tree that she got from Devas and planted it but Cassiopeia said that it wilted out after what happened to Evades. Haliya said that the tree in Devas is their only hope. Emre and Cassiopeia leaves and Haliya gave them a blessing that her weapon will recognized them once they found it. In Capade, Alena talked to Pirena about what she did and she's thankful for that. Back in the outskirts, Emre and Cassiopeia encounters Etherian soldiers and fights them which leads to Cassiopeia being hit by one of them. Then, Emre wanted to mend it but Cassiopeia said that they must continue. In Lireo, Alena arrives and the rest of the new gem keepers who are in Lireo asked for Lunas whereabouts and hope that Luna returns to them. Meanwhile, back in the gates of Hathoria, Hagorn and Luna had a serious conversation. Back in Lireo, Ybrahim told them to prepared. And after the meeting ends, they leave and as Pirena leaves, she is stopped and Imaw and her sisters gave her a dream using his balintataw. In the dream, Pirena is still in the room and saw Mira. Outside the dream, Imaw as well as Alena and Danaya saw Pirena's reaction. Back in the gates of Hathoria, Hagorn told Deshna what happened to him in the past and asked her to trust him.

In Lireo, as Pirena is still in her dream. She and Mira had a conversation. Then, after that Pirena told her sisters that they must do anything they can in order for Encantadia to have peace. Then, Danaya and Pirena leave, leaving Alena in charge. On the other hand, Ybrahim had a talk with Mayca about the soldiers that he will accompany. Then, Ariana arrives and told Ybrahim to let her join. He told Ariana that she can't because she was about to marry. In the gates of Hathoria, Danaya and Pirena as well as Ybrahim arrived. Their mashnas and the soldiers are there too, but they found nothing. Hitano arrived and told them that the place was empty when he arrive. In Hagorn's new camp, Hagorn and his new allies arrived and used the power of the two gems he possessed to protect it from their enemies. Back in Lireo, Manik approaches Ariana while she's in training. She asked him what he want and Manik told her not to call her Rehav as they will marry soon. Ariana argued that it was before, then Manik told her that she can't turn back as it is their custom. Azulan told that it will tarnish their family and then Ariana walked out. Back in the gates of Hathoria, Pirena ordered her Mashna to used Ularkas to locate Hagorn. Danaya said that Hagorn did something and Ybrahim said that he made his allies act fast. In the outskirts, The Herans captured two Encantados and three soldiers from Lireo and they punished them. Later on, the punished are found by the Diwata soldiers with Muros and Aquil as well as Abog. Alena is there too. Back in Hagorn's new camp, Asval suggested that they should conquer Hathoria first, Andora also agrees but Hagorn said that they must conquer the others and leave Hathoria for last. Back in the outskirts, Aquil noticed that the weapon used was from Etherians. Back in Hagorn's new camp, Hagorn told them that he wished to attack Lireo and Sapiro. Odessa asked him how, and they plan a meeting. Back in the gates of Hathoria, they heard a sound and Danaya told that they must return to Lireo. Danaya and Ybrahim returned to Lireo together with Hitano and Mayca. Pirena went to another direction. Back in the outskirts, as Pirena walks, she encountered LilaSari and Amarro. LilaSari told her that she didn't say the truth and her daughter is not in Adjantao. Pirena apologizes and LilaSari fights her saying that it is now enough for her. Pirena again apologized and told her to she will help her to find her daughter. Back in Hagorn's new camp. Hagorn told Luna that they will now leave and asked her to stay and she also asked him about her mother. Back in the outskirts, LilaSari lashed out the happenings that she experienced before. From her hiding place to the entrustment of her daughter to the nymphas, then she went away while Amarro looks only at Pirena when he was about to leave. Back in Hagorn's new camp, Hagorn told Luna not to mention that again. Back in Lireo, Pirena told Ybrahim as well as Alena and Danaya that she did something to LilaSari, and then Ybrahim said that they should find their new camp. Aquil and Mayca arrives and told them not to as they are now outside the palace. Then, as Ybrahim and Aquil already facing the Herans, Andora told Juvila and Odessa that the she can feel the sang'gre's presence. Then, Pirena as well as Alena and Danaya appears.


New characters, the two of Etheria's herans, Juvila and Odessa as well as the same intense drama and action scenes are in this week's episodes. Also, Hagorn is back and as truly clever as ever. For now, we're sure that all of us are excited for next week's episodes.

Rating: 9/10

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