Encantadia: March 6-10, 2017 (Recap and Review)

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Another week, another recap! Lets go and check this week's recap and review of Encantadia.

The New Gem Keepers

In Lireo, Pirena questions why the newly selected keepers are not of the royal blood, like her daughter Mira and niece Lira. Imaw replied that they will be knowing the reason at the right time and afterwards offer to lead them in their new room in the palace. Lira and Mira went to the mortal world to know about what happened to Anthony in the past years. They appeared infront of his house and a man older than them appeared. The man recognized them and when they asked him, he said that his name is Anthony where he said that they must be really diwatas since they didn't age unlike him. Later on, a woman appeared and found out that Anthony had already a family, in which he said that he was happy. Mira who is now contented and relieved after seeing Anthony's condition in the mortal world went back to Encantadia with Lira. Pirena heard from afar that Azulan told Ariana that she was lucky that she is having a life in the palace, but Ariana said she didn't desire this. This lead Pirena and Azulan having a brief encounter after Ariana walks away.  Meanwhile, Danaya as well as Alena and Ybrahim attacked Etheria and Avria on the other hand, went to Lireo, masquerading as Danaya. When Avria, as Danaya asked Muros where Cassiopeia is, Muros told her that Cassiopeia is still on the journey of finding the new keepers, after asking her that she came back from Etheria so quickly. Avria returned to Etheria after Muros was briefly distracted by Hitano's arrival. In Etheria, Avria returned and told Ether that she will handle it by herself and she overpowered the two Sang'gres and the Rama of Sapiro. Pirena arrived in Etheria and before they can defeat Avria, Ether intervened and Avria and Ether escaped. Lira and Mira tried to scare Ariana by animating a dragon, at first, she was scared, but when she learned that Lira and Mira did this, it is happiness that she felt. Back in Etheria, Danaya expressed and accept that Encantadia needs the new keepers of the gems. Pirena tried to object, but Alena also agreed to Danaya.

The three Sang'gres agreed that they need the new gem keepers, Pirena wonders why Lira and Mira hasn't chosen yet. Alena asked Imaw about it and the Adamyan replied that only Cassiopeia and the symbols knew the real reason. Luna and Gilas went to Hathoria and accused them of what happened to their tribe, the Hathor soldier argued that they didn't do anything to the nymfas and asked them to go went to Lireo. Lira and Mira apologized to Ariana and Ariana accepted it, then hugged Lira. And while hugging Lira and she felt Amihan's embrace, as well as Mira when Ariana hugged her also. They both thought that it is the status of Ariana being the new keeper of the Air Gem do such thing. Then, an idea sprung into Lira, she said that in order to please them, and gained the position of being the new keepers of the gems, they must went to Etheria and then Lira convinced Mira to go to Etheria to check on them. When they arrived in Etheria, they were found by Aquil and the three of them hid when someone approached the kingdom. They saw that there are bandidos with them, whom LilaSari attacked Ascano earlier, leaving Wahid being not captured as he hid under a table and run away afterwards. Aquil told them to go back to Lireo and the two teleported away. Aquil is convinced that the two went inside Etheria anyway. Back in Lireo, Danaya and the others are having a meeting about what is happening in Encantadia. When Muros told them that there are no news yet from the watchtowers, Paopao told them that is good news and Alena said that there are no news from Etherians as well. Azulan said that they should go out from the palace more often to obtain more information. Pirena scolds Azulan about manners, and when Azulan was about to said something out, his sister stopped him and apologized. Then, Wahid suddenly arrives and told them what happened in Ascano. Danaya said that the captured are being used to become part of Etheria's army but Wahid said that no barbaro recognized either a king or queen. Back in Etheria, Avria was using her power to control barbaros and gave them their first task as Etherians, to attack Lira and Mira who is hiding behind. Lira and Mira tried to fight them and Aquil also arrived to help them and the three of them teleported away. Back in Lireo, where the meeting is taking place, Lira and Mira arrived and told them that Avria used enchantments and her voice to control the Encantados they captured. Pirena congratulates Lira and Mira in that achievement. Meanwhile, Gilas together with Luna and her sister are near the gates of Lireo when Andora cornered them. Andora managed to control Luna and Gilas and the symbols of the gems in Imaw's palm warns that a gem keeper is in trouble. With that, Imaw, together with the Hara of Lireo and Hara of Hathoria went to where the nymfas are and Pirena challenged Andora.

In the gates of Lireo, Danaya asked the nymfas to go towards Imaw as they challenged Andora and the Etherians. They manage to defeat the soldiers but they were caught by Andora's power. Hitano went to Etheria to find out what happened to LilaSari and then she asked him what he wants and Hitano replied that he wanted her. In the gates, Luna asked Imaw why Pirena and Danaya didn't used their gems. Imaw replied that they are under Andora's power and that's why they cannot use the gems. Luna attacks Andora and then Pirena used the Fire Gem to attacked her but Andora escaped. Back in Etheria, Hitano introduced himself to LilaSari only not to remember him and used her ability to turn someone into stone on him. Imaw, together with Pirena and Danaya went back in Lireo with the nymfas. Alena as well as Lira and Mira recognized them and Imaw said that Luna was chosen as the new keeper of the Fire Gem. Pirena and Lira are concerned as they expect Mira being chosen by the Fire Gem as its new keeper. In Etheria, Hitano said to LilaSari that he will not give up in saving her and then leave. Back in Lireo, Luna asked Imaw why she is being chosen and Imaw told her that she is lucky to being one. Alena, who is interested to Luna asked her questions and found out that Helgad raised her and wants to get LilaSari and seek revenge. In the outskirts, Aquil asked what Hitano what happened to his face and said that LilaSari did it and promised to himself that he will getting back the old her, the LilaSari that he loved. Back in Lireo, Danaya promised Luna that they will help her in finding LilaSari. When Luna went away in order to get some rest, Danaya asked Imaw to see and confirm if Luna is Deshna. They confirmed that Luna is Deshna and raised the issue of telling her the truth. Pirena wanted to tell to Luna what they discovered right away but Danaya as well as Alena and Imaw told her that there is a right time to do so. Back in Etheria, LilaSari is having a dream and was awaken. Amarro who is nearby went to her aid and asked why, LilaSari dreamt of having a child and asked Amarro what he knew. But before, Amarro told her all, Ether appeared and lied LilaSari about everything about her child. Paopao went to Luna's room and introduced himself while the nymfas are in a conversation of  Luna having a good life in Lireo now that she's being a keeper. Paopao also told her that they are now three and hoping that Lira and Mira being the last two of the keepers. Luna told Paopao that Gilas is not one of them and Paopao said that he refers to Ariana, the new keeper of the Air Gem. Meanwhile, Ariana now memorized the places in the palace sees the statue of Amihan and asked who she is. Ybrahim told her that she is Amihan, the former Hara of Lireo and as well as the former keeper of the Air Gem. Ariana wonders why she succeeds Amihan of being the new keeper of the Air Gem and Ybrahim also wonders why as well as he believes that Lira is there to become the keeper of the Air Gem, and then leaves. On the other hand, Lira and Mira tries to accept that they will not become one of the gem's keepers and Pirena challenged them to prove that they are better than the other keepers of the gems.

As Mira tried to walk away, her mother stopped her. Pirena reasoned to a crying Mira that she wanted them to learn from their mistakes as well as to follow their instructions. On the other hand, Ariana asked Imaw about Ybrahim's feelings towards Amihan and Imaw told her everything about it. Also, Imaw said that he will introduce Ariana to the other keeper. Lira noticed that there are two damas following them and told Mira that she is now accepting their failures and they take for granted their status as heiresses. Also, she said that even though they don't have the possession of the gems, they are fine with it. Still in Lireo, Pirena talked to Alena about her frustrations that Lira and Mira are still not chosen as the new keepers. Alena told her elder sister to have faith. In the throne hall of Lireo, Imaw introduced Ariana to Luna. Luna asked Ariana if they have met, but Ariana told her that she recently got out from their tribe. Gilas also introduced himself but Paopao intervened and said thay Gilas is Luna's fence. And then Lira and Mira arrived to talk with them. Ariana asked why Lira speaks oddly and Imaw told her that as same with Paopao, Lira grows up in the mortal world. Lira and Mira congratulate them as the new keepers as well as apologized for their treatment. Lira and the others formed a group hug and Lira thought that Paopao pinched her but Luna saw something differently. Lira and Mira saw that the symbol of the Earth and Water Gems are on their upper arms. Imaw said that they must be chosen because of the humility of what both Sang'gre show. Afterwards, Lira and Mira show the symbol to their respective parents and both congratulated them. Pirena apologized to the other keepers for her treatment to them. Danaya, on the other hand asked Imaw to gave the new keepers a blessing. Unbeknownst to them, in Etheria, Avria and Ether saw everything happening in Lireo and Avria told the bathaluman thay with the new gem keepers, it is now easy to conquer Encantadia. After that, Danaya told Imaw what are the next steps. Pirena suggested that they should split the lessons into five so that they can teach the new gem keepers ths skills but Ybrahim said that they don't have much time due to the problem with Etheria. Imaw also told them that he and Cassiopeia will also preside the trainings but he is wondering where Cassiopeia is since the symbols of the five gems are now together. Also, Imaw thinks that Cassiopeia didn't show up yet because she is still in search for new keepers. Meanwhile in Sapiro, Wantuk takes charge of the palace while Ybrahim is away and adressed himself as Rehav Wantuk. Back in Lireo, Pirena told the others that they must recognized Avria as the ruler of Etheria but make her responsible of what she did. Danaya said that they must strengthen the defenses of Lireo and asked Mayca to call Alena. On the other hand, in the training ground of Lireo, while Muros spars with Ariana, the others, especially Paopao remarked that Ariana is truly skilled. Muros asked Ariana about it but Ariana told the mashna that she didn't know how that happen. Luna, on the other hand interrupts and asked Muros to train her. Meanwhile, Gilas went to the room where Imaw is and asked him to train him as well. In the chamber where the gems are placed, Danaya togethet with Pirena and Ybrahim asked the gems to fortify the defenses of Lireo. On the other hand, LilaSari noticed the fortification barrier in Lireo and asked the barbaro to enter, but they failed. Asval said that it is the one that Hagorn used before and LilaSari asked who Hagorn is. Asval told her that it was nothing and they saw Wahid and Azulan exited the barrier. Back inside the chamber in Lireo, Ybrahim told them that Alena gave blessing to Sapiro as well as Hathoria and Adamya and also he told that they should have a talk with Avria. Danaya agreed with Pirena being Hathoria's representative and designates Muros as the representative of Lireo. Back in the outskirts near the barrier of Lireo, the Etherians saw that Wahid and Azulan entered easily. Asval concludes that only the allies of Lireo are allowed to enter and he ordered Manik, the Rehav of Punjabwes to pretend as Lireo's ally in order to enter.

In the training grounds of Lireo, Wahid visits the new keepers while they are training. Luna told Gilas that she was a nymfa not a punjabwe but when Azulan arrived, he told Luna that she doesn't look like a nymfa. Paopao warned Azulan about his attitude towards the girls and before Azulan approached Paopao, Wahid interrupts both men and asked to settle it by drinking. Abog arrived and told Azulan and Ariana that Danaya wants to see them. Azulan and Ariana arrived where Danaya is and Abog brought Manik with him to confirm if he is a punjabwe. Azulan confirms that he is and that he is their Rehav. Danaya asked Manik if he was under Avria's control but Manik insisted that he is not and he just escape from the Etherians. Meanwhile, in Etheria, Avria told Ether that assure that Manik is still loyal to Etheria. Back in Lireo, Azulan assured that Manik is their ally. Manik was released and he shakes Azulan's hand and hugs Ariana. Ybrahim, as well as Pirena and Muros arrived in Etheria where they are attacked by bandidos. Amarro appeared and asked them the reason why they are in Etheria, they respond that they need to talk to Avria. Amarro told them to wait. Avria arrived and the three told her their proposal and Avria asked them what are the consequences if she refused, and Pirena said that it will result in war. Avria told them also that they are afraid of her and before Pirena interrupts, Ybrahim asks Avria if they can make an agreement. Back in Lireo, Luna went to Danaya and Imaw and asked them about her origin. Danaya told her that she is indeed a diwata with a lineage of being a hathor thats why the symbol of the fire gem chose her as its new keeper. Luna wanted to ask more but Danaya told her that there is a right time to tell everything while Imaw added that it will be told after she completes her training. Then, Pirena as well as Ybrahim and Muros arrived and Danaya dismissed Luna and she asked how the talks with Avria went. In Etheria, Avria told Ether that she agreed nor disagree about the agreement and asks for a time to think. Amarro asked the Queen of Etheria if she has a plan not to reach an agreement, Avria told him like the diwatas, she wants peace. After that, Avria summons Andora and asked to halt all their attacks. Ether said to her about her not trusting Amarro. Avria told the bathaluman that they are only fooling the diwatas and they must prepare if the man that Asval ordered succeeds in his mission. In Lireo, Manik asks Azulan and Ariana about the plans of Lireo, especially the new keepers. Azulan told him that Ariana is one of them and Manik wants to meet the other keepers. In the training ground of Lireo, Paopao asks Lira why she didn't ask Gilas to teach her the weapon of the nymfas, Lira told him that she doesn't want to use anymore. Paopao holds her hand and apologized. Wahid told Paopao that holding a Sang'gres hand is not allowed and Paopao again, apologizes for his action. Wahid told Paopao that he must be punished by breaking the rule and Lira insists that there is not such rule as that. Then, Ariana arrives with Manik to introduce them but Manik stole Wahids weapon and hits Mira. Meanwhile, Aquil is seeing Etheria from afar when he was approached by Amarro and asks his son to go away. Aquil told him that he was loyal to Lireo and thats the only thing that he can do to them. Amarro told his son that Avria knows he his there. Andora heard their conversation and approaches them. Back in the training ground of Lireo, Manik managed to knock Wahid and Luna as well as Gilas and Paopao but he was stopped by Lira after using her magic. Ariana asked Manik why he did this but he snagged her and then the help arrived. Manik revealed his purpose. Ybrahim told Manik to free Ariana and Manik kicks Ariana and take Lira. Pirena told Lira to use her ability to teleport and Pirena used her power to heat Manik's weapon in order to drop it. Manik dropped the weapon and when Ybrahim attacks him, he escaped. Pirena orders to find Manik and Ybrahim asked Ariana if she was okay. Pirena was also told that Manik was a punjabwe and when Azulan arrived, Pirena lashed out at him and told that he let an enemy enter. Azulan asks who it is and Ariana told that it was Manik. Meanwhile in Etheria, Andora was about to use her power towards Aquil and Amarro asks her a proposition. Then, Andora controled and ordered the pashneas to attack Lireo. Back in Lireo, Pirena angrily told Azulan that he let an enemy enter and Azulan apologized to her and tell her that didn't know that Manik was an enemy. The two argued more and Pirena said about the punjabwes that made Azulan wondered if how long an encantado loved her. Pirena slapped him and Azulan told her that if she slapped him again, he will kiss her. Pirena wants to slap him again but Azulan stops her and moves as if it is he will kiss her. Then, Ybrahim and Imaw appeared and discusses the effects of the attack. In Cassiopeia's island where Imaw returned the symbols of the gem from the pedestal and Mayca asked him why the symbols are behaving oddly. And then they saw that there are pashneas flying towards Lireo. Back in Etheria, Amarro who is accompanied by Aquil reported to Avris what Andora did and Avria thanked them and told that Andora will be punished. Then, he dismissed Amarro and Aquil and asked a nymfa to call Andora. Andora arrives and Avria told her that Amarro reported her, she also told her that she is not angry of what she did but, happy. Avria also told her to pretend that she was punished by not getting out of Etheria for a while as she was use the opportunity to befriend the diwatas.


This week's episode is focused on meeting the rest of the new keepers as well as training them. Also, we met some of the characters from the past episodes to get some updates, like Anthony. Also, we saw on the preview for next week's episodes that Muyak was selected too and what will be her new role. Let's wait and find that out in this week's upcoming episodes.

Rating: 8/10

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