Encantadia: March 21-25, 2017 (Recap and Review)

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Another week, another recap! Lets go and check this week's recap and review of Encantadia.


In Sapiro, Wahid went to collect flowers to give to Lira only to know that Lira leaves Lireo to begin their training. In Cassiopeia's island, Lira used her power to protect her and Paopao from Hadezars. Same way goes to Mira as she summons her sword and also Gilas, who ate the fruit of Kawati to defeat it. On the other hand, in Lireo, Danaya found out from a soldier that Aquil wanted to see her while she was talking to her sister Pirena about Etheria and the Etherians. Danaya went on to talk to Aquil but she didn't know that Aquil is Avria and the real Aquil was being held bounded by Asval and Andora. Avria used a spell to make Danaya asleep. Meanwhile, Alena met the leader of the Gunikars, named, Memfes and she asked to reconcile with the Adamyans. Memfes said that he will do that if Alena agrees to marry him. Alena refused and Memfes tried to approach him. Alena shows him the water gem and Memfes escape. Back in Lireo, Pirena used a protection using the fire gem, prohibiting Etherians to enter without her knowing. Avria used a spell to switch Danaya and her's appearance. Then, Ether appeared to say to Avria that she is now the Queen of the Diwatas. After that, Pirena asked Avria who is appears as Danaya where Aquil is. Avria said that she sent him away and said that they must return to Lireo. Back in the island of Cassiopeia, in Capade, Imaw asked if they cheated, but no one said the truth which made Imaw angry and gave them a punishment for not following the rules. Back in the gates of Lireo, Avria as Danaya can't enter due to the protection that Pirena made and because of that Pirena suspects that she is not Danaya but an Etherian. Avria told Pirena that she is Danaya but Pirena askef her to prove it. Avria used a spell to make Pirena and the soldiers in the gates fell asleep. Meanwhile, Amarro told LilaSari that Avria's powers has limits. And, after Avria used the spell towards Pirena, a wound appeared on her arm.

In the gates of Lireo, Pirena and the soldiers regain their consciousness. Avria as Danaya said that they fell asleep without reason. In the outskirts, Amarro tells LilaSari how the Herans are defeated. He also told LilaSari that Avria must be more careful on the Diwatas. Back in Capade, Lira felt that their punishment is to stay in the sun like a daing, a dried fish. Imaw told them that their punishment is to fill the jar with water. In Adamya, Alena looks for Memfes and tell him not to disturb the Adamyans again. Pirena arrives and stopped Alena from attacking. Alena said that Memfes wanted to marry her. Pirena told Alena about Danaya, that she is acting odd. Alena doesn't mind this and leaves. In Etheria where Avria returned uses her balintataw to see what spell that Pirena used. It is shown that the only way that an Etherian to enter Lireo is that if Pirena knows it. Ether said to Avria that she can't dispel the magic from the gems and Avria told the bathaluman that she will need Andora and Asval for this. Back in Capade, they noticed and complained that the jar wouldn't fill. Imaw said that once it is in the mouth of the jar, the water that they get will turned into a drop of water. He also said that the lesson here is to persevere. Paopao thought that if they could get the jar in to the sea but they can't lift it. Muyak said that the jar was been enchanted. In Hathoria where Pirena returned, the soldiers told her that the enslaved Hathors return. Pirena thought that Avria is true to her word but she is on doubt as Evcades said to her earlier, that they must be aware that a person is pretends to be a good one but in truth, it is not. Back in Etheria, Avria told Andora and Asval that she transformed into Danaya and she needs their help. On the other hand, Danaya wakes up and Ether bounds her. Ether reveals that her apperarance has been changed into the appearance of Avria. Then, Danaya prayed and asked Emre not to enter the enemies in Lireo. Back in the gates of Lireo, Avria asked Pirena to let Andora enter Lireo. On the other hand, while the new gem keepers are on their duty in filling the jars, Luna blamed Lira as well as Mira and Gilas for using powers in the challenge. Luna also announced that she's giving up. Back in the gates of Lireo, Pirena let Andora entered and dispel the protection that she placed. Meanwhile, Aquil was saved by the punjabwes, headed by Manik who knows nothing about what happened to him when she is controlled by Avria. The punjabwes are heading to Lireo to find Azulan and Ariana. Aquil leads them on their way there. Back in Capade, the gem keepers filled the jar that signifies that their punishment ends. Wantuk was relieved that Luna changed her mind on giving up. Back in Etheria, Danaya saw herself as Avria. Asval who saw her as Avria as well asked her if her plan succeeds. When Danaya  as Avria excused herself to go to Avria's room, Asval realized that she is Danaya.

In Etheria, Danaya was attacked by Asval. Danaya used her power to teleport but due to Ether's powers she will just reappeared. In Lireo, Avria as Danaya ordered that the Bandidos should rest and they will return to their land afterwards. Pirena wanted Andora to leave but Avria said that she have a matter to discuss with Andora and sent Pirena away. After that, Andora told Avria about Pirena's doubt and Avria said that she will take care of Pirena. Back in Etheria where LilaSari encounters Danaya and recognized her as Avria asked her while she is running. Asval follower and told them that she is Danaya. Back in Lireo, Avria as Danaya told Muros if they have sufficient force. Muros replied and Avria ordered to send a troop to Etheria. Muros questions it as he said that their allies wouldn't like it but Avria as Danaya insisted. Then, in the gates of Lireo, Muros told the soldiers about the order. Ybrahim and Pirena arrives and both objected the order. Pirena told Avris as Danaya what Evades said to her. Meanwhile near Evades' tree, Evades prayed that Pirena would divulged what he said to her. Then, Hitano appeared and asked him about the fruit, if it would bring the old LilaSari. Evades that it could not but LilaSari herself can and asks Hitano to went back to Lireo. Back in Lireo, Avria as Danaya told Pirena that what Evades said was nonsense but Piren reiterates that Evades is one of the old Encantados like Cassiopeia and Imaw and it should not be regarded. Avria pretended to agree. Then, Andora told Avria to get the gems hurriedly and Avria told Andora to deal with Evades first. Back in Etheria, Asval apologized to Ether in letting Danaya escaped. Ether said that she will deal with Danaya. In Evades' tree, Andora appears and Evades greets and asks her. Then, Andora did what she needs to do with Evades. Then, in Capade, Cassiopeia knows what happened to Evades after sensing his tree. Back in Lireo, Avria asked Muros about her order, the mashna said that the soldiers are on their way to Etheria. Then, Avria went to chamber where the gems are kept and gets the fifth gem. On the other hand, Danaya as Avria told Muros that the queen is fake and Muros questioned it and then she told him to taker her to Avria as Danaya. Then, Pirena and Ybrahim arrived and asked what Danaya as Avria needs to Avria as Danaya. On the other hand, in Etheria, Ether used a spell in order to Danaya not to tell them that Avria is pretending. While, Ether who is in Etheria laughs. Danaya went to where the gems are kept after learning from Muros that Avria is there. And then, Danaya faced Avria using Minea's scepter and after that Pirena as well as Ybrahim and Muros witnessed the battle and they interfered. Avria as Danaya came up with excuses which leads to Pirena slapping Danaya as Avria. Pirena also tried to use the fire gem and Danaya escapes. Pirena asked the soldiers where Avria is and then ordered them as well to protect the throne. Then, Danaya wrote to Pirena and Ybrahim that the Danaya they are facing right is fake. After that, Pirena sent the Fire Gem to expel Avria to Lireo. It found Danaya and expelled her, together with the scroll that she holds. Danaya attempts to enter but to no success. Pirena told Ybrahim and Muros that she had been expelled by the fire gem. And while Danaya attempts to enter again, Pirena as well as Ybrahim and Muros appeared and then she shows her the message she wrote.

In the gates of Lireo, Ybrahim and Pirena didn't mind the message from Danaya and asks her to leave. Then, Danaya thinks that Alena may recognize her as she is her full sister. In Lireo, Muros bans the Etherians into entering Lireo. And then, Pirena and Ybrahim counters the order of Avria as Danaya of sending soldiers to Etheria. Muros questioned it but Ybrahim said that the alliance between Etheria ends because of what happened in the area where the gems are beimg kept. Then, in the chamber where gems are kept, Pirena catches Danaya holding the three remaining gems. Avria and Danaya said that she get it as she needs to protect it. Pirena also had the same sentiment, telling her that it must be the urge of her for power and she said that they should've acted after what happened in the feast. Back in the gates of Lireo, Aquil as well as Manik and the punjabwes arrived and looks for Azulan and Ariana as well as Danaya. Back in Lireo, Cassiopeia arrives and told them about Evades. Then, Avria as Danaya ordered everyone to leave as she will be talking to Cassiopeia in private. Then, Cassiopeia and Avria as Danaya teleported to the throne hall. Then, Cassiopeia noticed that she can't read her mind. Back in the gates of Lireo, Pirena and Ybrahim arrives and immediately noticed Manik. Then, Manik told them that they had no recollection of events when they are being controlled and Pirena asks why Aquil is here. He told the Hara of Hathoria that he had not spoken with Danaya which leads to Pirena speculate. Back in the throne hall, Avria as Danaya told Cassiopeia that she used a spell in order to protect her mind against what she called Avria then asks her what place the new gem keepers are training. In Adamya, Danaya as Avria went there to seek help to Alena. Then Alena recognizes her as Avria and Danaya told her that she is indeed Danaya. At first, Alena did not believe her but she gave her a question that only Danaya can answer. Danaya correctly answered it and Alena proves that she is indeed her sister. Back in Etheria, Avria gave Andora as Asval an order that deals with the new gem keepers. Back in Lireo, Hitano said there are a lot of things had happened which Pirena blamed Avria. Ybrahim asked a soldier if Danaya is in her room and the soldier said that she is with Cassiopea. Danaya as Avria reappears, where she sees Hitano and Pirena as well as Ybrahim and Aquil. Then, Pirena said Aquil will report regarding what the Etherians, especially Andora and Asval did to him. In Capade, Gilas asked where Cassiopeia is and Imaw said that she is in Lireo. Then, Wantuk told everyone to sleep, and points out the quarters, one for male and one for female. Then, the mashnas of Etheria arrives as well where Asval and Andora told Amarro and LilaSari the plan. Back in the throne hall of Lireo, Pirena and Ybrahim together with Aquil and Hitano discussed about the impostor Aquil that Danaya spoke to. Danaya told them that Aquil is a liar and then Hitano says that he saw something different in her. Meanwhile, back in the gates of Lireo, while Manik was bored waiting, Alena and Danaya as Avria arrived. Alena said that the others saw her as Avria and she must wait her there. Back in the thron hall, Pirena also said that something is different with Danaya then Alena arrives and pointed out that Danaya is there outside, as Avria. Then, Avria as Danaya shows the Earth Gem. Hitano teleports beside her and shows her wound then said that Danaya can heal herself. Then, Avria uses the the three gems then knocks them out. Then, Cassiopeia wakes up and realizes that it is Avria who puts her on a spell and teleports beside her in the throne hall. Avria goes back to her true form and teleports after saying that the battle is no over. Pirena said that Avria had now possessed three gems.

In Capade, the gem keepers are preparing for the night. Ariana volunteers to remove Lira's headgear while Mira wanted to sneak to Lireo but Muyak said that Cassiopeia put an enchantment on the island. Then, the mashnas of Etherian now fulfilling their plan towards the gem keepers and attacked them. Meanwhile in Etheria, Avria returned and she is angry because her cover as the Hara of Lireo has been blown. Then, Avria's spell lose its effect. In Lireo, Danaya returns to her true appearance and went back to the palace where Pirena apologized to her for what she did. And after that, they planned to reposses the gems as the longer that Avria had it, the easier she would acquire their loyalty. Then, Aquil approaches Danaya but she doesn't want to talk to him. Ybrahim asks Cassiopeia if she sensed that Avria is still around, she said that she's not in Lireo anymore. In the chamber, where the gems are kept, Danaya asked Cassiopeia how the gems are acquired by Avria. Cassiopeia shows how using the balintataw and said that there is a lesson should be learn from that happening. Back in Capade, Luna is hurt and they spread apart. Mira summons her sword to fight the Etherians. Back in Lireo, Aquil wants to talk to Danaya again and Alena as well as Cassiopeia gave way for them to talk. Danaya who blame herself for the event breaks up with him. Back in Capade, Lira fights Asval while Mira fights Andora. Then, Amarro and LilaSari let Paopao and Luna escape. While Lira is fighting Asval and Mira is fighting Andora, the Hera of Sensa used her power towards Mira then Asval hits her which an angry Lira used her power on the two mashnas. Then, Andora used her power unto Lira and Asval made witness her what he did to Mira. Back in Etheria, a being was summoned by Avria using the power of the three gems she acquired.


This week's episode is full on intense as well as action scenes that made us anticipate on the upcoming episodes. We also followed the story where are the Diwatas are easily been manipulated by Avria while she is pretending. The Diwatas though should be aware of that. For now, let's expect that next week's episodes will be more intense indeed.

Rating: 8/10

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