Encantadia: March 13-17, 2017 (Recap and Review)

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Another week, another recap! Lets go and check this week's recap and review of Encantadia.


In Lireo, Paopao went to Danaya and reported that they didn't found Manik in Lireo while Muros reported that the soldiers didn't saw anyone escaped from the palace. In the outskirts, Manik reported to Asval and LilaSari said that Avria ordered to stop their doing for the moment. Back in Lireo, Danaya told the gem keepers that what happened there on the training ground may inspire them to train even more. Ybrahim heard noises in the skies and Kaizan rushed to them and tell that they are being attacked by the pashneas. Danaya wondered that the protection they placed in the palace are enought but Pirena said that it doesn't work with pashneas. Mira and Lira evacuates the residents while the the Sang'gres as well as the soldiers defend it. Still in Lireo, Danaya and Pirena went to the shores when they encountered Awoo who is attacking them. Alena appeared and use the water gem to make the pashnea flee. Alena is worried that the pashneas are being controlled to attack them. Back in the Palace, Ariana saw Ybrahim carrying Amihan's sword and admired his love for her while Lira and Mira as well as the others still guided the residents of Lireo. Back in the shores, An argona attacked the Sang'gres leaving no choice for them to fight back then Avria appeared to help them defeat the argonas. After that, Avria asked if they don't thank her for helping them and Pirena asked her if she sent them. Avria told them that it didn't come from her making Pirena and Alena wondering. Avria also said that the pashenas habitat may be distrubed. Also, Danaya asked Avria about Manik's attack and Avria apologized saying that she didn't permit it and then returned the fifth gem. Back in the palace of Lireo, Danaya announced that a feast will be held in celebration of making peace with Etheria. In Etheria, Avria told them thata feast will happened and asked Amarro to find precious gems to be sent as gifts. After Amarro left, she told her other mashnas that this is a plan to conquer Encantadia, but not they will use their minds. In the land of the lambanas, Muyak is sad that her banyuhay is still not done. The nuno of the lambanas suggested that she may return to Lireo and serve the diwatas but she refused, saying that she doesn't need her anymore. Suddenly, an agodo attacked their lair and Muyak went to defend them from it despite the nuno's order not to. Then, Muyak successfully defeated the agodo and afterwards, the symbol of the air gem sticked to her arm. In Etheria, Avria created a substance that she will used against the diwatas, before that, she ordered Asval and LilaSari to capture either a soldier or a dama from Lireo quietly. Back in the land of the lambanas, their nuno said that she must return to Lireo to learn about what fate is in her now. Then, a soldier from Lireo wanders around when he was attacked by a bandido headed by Asval and LilaSari. They brought him to Etheria and Avria used her power to control it.

The head of the Damas shows to Danaya the list of food that will be served for the feast then approves it. She said to Alena that she wasn't able to sleep because of the preparations.  Alena told Danaya that since the new keepers will attend, Luna might saw LilaSari. In Etheria, Aquil saw that Hitano takes LilaSari and then he left. After that, the soldier who is now controlled by Avria was ordered by Asval to do the what Avria needed to do. Then, Hitano brought LilaSari to where they stay before and told her that this is the place that they fell in love and also the place where her daughter, Desha was born. Back in Lireo, Luna asked Alena who approached her while she was glancing at the moon about her mother. Alena said to her that there is a right time to know all of that because her mother needs to do something first which made Luna wondered. Back in where Hitano and LilaSari stays before, doubted the story and told him never to approach her again. In Etheria, Muros asked Avria to not to bring LilaSari to the feast in which Avria agrees. Then, Muros said to her that LilaSari is one of the topics that she and Danaya will discuss as well. Then Muros leaves Etheria and after that Avria told herself that she doesn't need her mashnas with her on the feast. In Lireo, where the damas are now preparing, Wahid approached them and ask about the wine. The head of the damas said that it was made by the best winemaker in Lireo and Wahid said to her that he needs to try if she said was true but she prevents him in doing that. Then, the soldier who wad being controlled by Avria went to where the wine is and put the substance that Avria made. Then, Muros reported to Danaya about Avria agreeing to their concern and felt Aquil's presence after Muros left. Then Danaya used her ability to teleport to Aquil and talked to one another and then they kissed. Meanwhile,  Muyak approached the gates of Lireo then she was stopped by the soldiers. She said that she is Muyak the lambana and the soldiers didn't believer her because she was grown. Muyak, frustrated forced to enter the gates and the soldiers captured her. Then, Abog tell Muros about Muyak who is now in the dungeons. Muros said that she might be an impostor. In the dungeons, Muyak complains that no one recognizes her because she's not a lambana anymore. She asked for Emre's help and the symbol on her arms emit a bright blue light. In the outskirts of Lireo, Danaya notices the glow of bright blue light in the palace and told Aquil that she will now return to investigate. Unbeknownst to them in Etheria, Avria is witness the rendezvous between Danaya and Aquil. Pirena and Alena as well as Imaw and Danaya went to where the light is from and Muyak express joy in meeting them again. But the Sang'gres didn't recognize her. Imaw told the Sang'gres that she is the gem keeper that is chosen by the symbol. Then, the symbol went to Imaw's hands and Muyak is transformed again into a lambana where they now recognized her. In Etheria, Ether told Avria the romance between Aquil and Danaya and also told her that it is against the law of the diwatas. Avria seemed to be amused but it has no use since she will be enforcing her plan on the feast which Ether said that she may succeed. Back in Lireo, Danaya introduced to the five gem keepers the new one which is Muyak and made Lira surprised. Then, Imaw noticed that the symbols react and then forms into Cassiopeia. Then Cassiopeia transforms Muyak into a diwata and told the Sang'gres that she will be preparing the place that the new gem keepers will train and then leaves. Pirena is happy and told Mira that they should have a celebration and Danaya told them to prepare. Then, Ariana asked the damas if she could help them and one dama told her to sweep. The other dama told another that she is one of the gem keepers and she replied that she is still a punjabwe. While sweeping, Ariana imagines that she is wearing a blue dress with Ybrahim complementing her then the dama said to her that why she's smiling. Back in Etheria, Avria told Amarro that she is only bringing Asval. Then, Amarro told LilaSari that they are not invited to the feast and LilaSari replied that she doesn't want to go anyway. Then, she told Amarro what Hitano said to her and Amarro told her to not to listen to him. Back in Lireo, Banak and Nakba told Alena something and Alena said that she couldn't attend the feast because there is happening in Adamya. Wahid sneaks out and succesfully take some wine before being caught by the head of the damas. Then, Wahid went to inspect the bread which made the head of the damas annoyed. In the hall where the feast is happening, Luna is awed on how glamorous the feast is. Meanwhile, Lira talks about to his father about his new haircut and said that Wantuk persuaded him to do so. Then, Muyak arrives and greet Wahid and Mira as well as Paopao and walks up to Lira and she told Wahid that he looks good in his new attire. Paopao seemed to be annoyed about this and left. While Ybrahim is discussing something to the council. Pirena arrives and stared at Azulan. Danaya told Azulan that all the other gem keepers are here except for his sister. Mayca told them that she has arrived. Ariana enters and made the Rama of Sapiro as well as everyone staring at her.

Ariana was complemented by Ybrahim who tries to stop his feelings toward her and after that the dance began. Lira accused Wahid of pushing her in during the dance and then danced again except him. Wahid now decides to drink the wine he got. Ybrahim is talking to himself when he is approached by Pirena. The Hara of Hathoria asked him what happened and the Rama of Sapiro asked her back why she's there and Pirena replied said that she's waiting for Avria, the Hara of Etheria. Also, she asked Ybrahim if he's avoiding inside but he denied it and said that he too is waiting for Avria. Back to the feast, Mayca announced that the Hara of Etheria arrives. Then, Avria presented the precious stones as gifts. Meanwhile, Wahid finds food before drinking his wine. Avria demanded that they should drink the wine already and Danaya ordered the damas to bring the wine and pour it to the glasses of everyone present in the hall. While Wahid is away finding food, a soldier found his wine and drank it. Wahid catches him drinking his wine and notices that something happened to the soldier. He sniffs it and realized that there is something in the wine. And then, he rushed to the hall as everyone there is now raising their glass to drink the wine. Luckily, Wahid arrived and warn everyone to not to drink the wine. But a one of the council members drank it and met the consequences. Avria accuses them of breaking the treaty with Etheria and Danaya told her that she will investigate it and also announced that the feast is over. Pirena asked Avria to follow her. The head of the damas and the winemaker was investigated and quickly denied that they didn't put anything in the wine. Avria told Pirena and Ybrahim that they didn't did the issue on purpose and Pirena said that they will use Imaw's balintataw to know the culprit. Imaw used his balintataw and they saw that a soldier put the substance into the wine. Danaya was annoyed and said that the soldier wouldn't act if someone ordered the soldier. Avria asked where is the restroom in the palace. Muros quickly cornered the soldier and asked who ordered him to do the thing. Avria arrived and while she's hiding in the corner, controlled the soldier to say that he did it by himself and not to point her. The soldier then attacked Muros but he is quickly defeated by the mashna. Then, returns and thanked Pirena. Danaya and Muros arrives and thd leaders of the other kingdoms demand to release their captives. Avria said that they released all but some chose to stay in Etheria. Avria also told them that she do their demands. Danaya thanked her both Avria and Asval returned to Etheria. In the outskirts of the palace, Luna is talking to Gilas when Gilas heared that someone's approaching and it turns out that it is LilaSari and she stares at Luna.

In the outskirts of Lireo, LilaSari learned that Luna is one of the new gem keepers. In Etheria, Avria ordered to release her army and Asval and Andora questioned her about this and Avria replied that it is part of her plans. In Lireo, Pirena tells Ybrahim that she will find out if Avria is still can't be trusted. After that, Ybrahim walks and Ariana is there, Ariana complemented him about the flowers and Ybrahim gave her some. Back in Etheria, after LilaSari and Amarro were told about Avria's orders, they went back but Asval chose to remain. Asval turns out that it is Pirena and she transformed into Andora. Pirena as Andora talks to Asval about Avria's plan and he revealed that substance that the soldier used in Lireo was from Avria. Then, Asval entered the palace and learned that he talks to a different Andora as the real Andora is with LilaSari. They went immediately to notify Avria. Back in Lireo, Pirena returned to speak to Danaya, and she was told by the damas that she may be visiting the ports and then Pirena went outside and Danaya appeared, and tells her about the substance. Danaya told her that she doesn't told anyone about what she learned yet. Pirena agrees and went to Hathoria. Danaya turns out to be Avria and Asval as well as Andora and LilaSari shows up. Avria told her three mashnas that there is nothing to worry about. Then Andora said that she will follow Pirena, but Avria stopped her and said that she has a plan regarding with her. Danaya had a dream and Cassiopeia shows up. Cassiopeia told her that it was something and told her to be careful of Avria as she blocks her balintataw. Also, Cassiopeia released her munch'kas to wake and summon up the new gem keepers. The new gem keepers are waken up by the munch'kas and Cassiopeia told them that it is now the time to begin their training. Imaw on the other hand, told them to prepare. Luna told her sister to be good and Gilas wants to join. Also, Gilas shows Luna the fruit of Kawati. Ybrahim told Lira to remember the lessons that Amihan told her. While Pirena, brings Mira to a sacred place in Hathoria where she gave her the blessing of having a mind of a their royal Hathor ancestors and a heart of their diwata ancestors. After that, the new keepers await on the throne hall and Ybrahim asks Cassiopeia to bring Wantuk which she agreed. They noticed that one keeper hasn't arrived yet, which is Ariana who is being stopped by Azulan to leave and join the training. 

In Lireo, Ariana said to his brother that this is her opportunity to become a warrior. Then, Pirena and Ybrahim arrived and told Azulan let Ariana join the training. In Etheria, Ether again said to Avria that the affair between Danaya and Aquil is forbidden in the law of the diwatas. Avria plans to use what Ether said to her plans. In the outskirts of Lireo, Aquil tells Awoo that he is still remembers what happened between him and Danaya and because of that he cant sleep. Back in Lireo, Danaya arrived and Azulan make Ariana choose. Ariana chose to join the training. Ybrahim held Ariana's hand and leave where Wantuk teased them after Wantuk saw that Ybrahim held Ariana's hands. Danaya also leaves after telling Azulan that Encantadia is greater than any belief leaving Pirena and Azulan behind. Azulan told Pirena to leave and Pirena said that she will not take orders from him. She also told that women are able to make decisions something that Azulan didn't learn from his tribe. Azulan told her not to insult his tribe and Pirena slapped him. Azulan told Pirena that he will do his threat. The kiss which Azulan threatens Pirena if she slapped him. Azulan was about to kiss Pirena but he stopped and said that he should respect her. Azulan leaves and Pirena seems to be affected. In Adamya, Alena asked the Adamyans if the Gunikar tribe has been causing trouble. Alena wished to speak to stop them to cause trouble for the Adamyans and then Pirena appears, telling her that her nieces are now leaving Lireo to train. Alena told her that she might not able to go. The Gunikars appeared and Pirena used the Fire Gem but Alena stopped her. The Gunikars took the stuff of Adamyans and quickly leaves. Alena said that she wouldn't be able to leave Adamya because of the Gunikars. Then, Alena left and after that, Banak and Nakba hold Pirena's robes and she told them to let go then, Pirena leaves. Back in Lireo, Danaya told the keepers to remember all the things that a keeper does. Pirena arrived just in time before Cassiopeia and Imaw as well as the new keepers leave. First, Cassiopeia as well as Imaw and Wantuk leave and then the keepers formed a semi-circle and then leaves one by one. Back in Etheria, Avria sings to release her captive army under her control. And then, Avria ordered Andora and Asval to capture Aquil as she will use his identity to get close to Danaya. Back in Lireo, Danaya asked Pirena why she is sad and Pirena told her that she just missed Lira and Mira being there. In Capade, the island of Cassiopeia, where Cassiopeia as well as Imaw and Wantuk arrives and waited for the keepers. One by one the keepers appeared and Imaw said that they will train there until they fit to become the new gem keepers and protect Encantadia. Mira asked Cassiopeia how long will they stay and Cassiopeia said that it would take how fast they can learn. Lira asked Cassiopeia why there are six chosen instead of five as the gems are five. Cassiopeia said that its not six, but seven. Then, she used her magic to reveal Gilas who is there and told that there were seven in case that if someone fails there are enough keepers. She also explained effect from eating the fruit of Kawati and tells also that Gilas was recommended by Imaw. Then, Cassiopeia conjured Hadezars and told them that the challenge is to not to be caught by them without using weapons or magic and then announced that the challenge begins. Back in the outskirts of Lireo, Asval and Andora found a sleeping Aquil and Aquil fights them when he woke up. Andora controls Aquil using her power and Asval knocks him. Then, Avria transformed as Aquil and used her power to order a soldier that she wanted to speak to Danaya.


This week's episode is focused on the forging alliances between the kingdoms and Etheria. Also, they focused on Adamya where Alena helps the Adamyans back there from the Gunikars. Also, it is the start of the training of the new gem keepers in Cassiopeia's island which called Capati and we are yet to learn the true motives of Avria towards the diwatas which it will probably aired in the upcoming episodes. For now, lets stay tuned for the next week's upcoming episodes.

Rating: 8/10

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