Encantadia: February 27-March 3, 2017 (Recap and Review)

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Another week, another recap! Lets go and check this week's recap and review of Encantadia.


While Pirena dealing as Asval to Avria in Etheria, Ether appeared and tell the Hara of Etheria that it is not Asval. Pirena engaged into a bit of battle before leaving. Ether told Avria that it is one of the Sang'gres, Pirena and Avria, being a powerful Etherian, had an ability to transform into another person as she transformed into Pirena. After what happened to the spies that Lireo sent to spy Etheria, Danaya ordered more to be sent. On the other hand, the symbol of the Fifth Gem was in the mortal world. There are four girls who are seemingly role plays the Sang'gres and called Paopao. Paopao who is now in his adulthood arrived, the girls asked him to tell again the story about the Sang'gres and Encantadia but he is interrupted when he is called by his aunt. His aunt ordered Paopao to get the money from Thelma. In Encantada, Muros found out where Etheria is located and Ybrahim told them that it is near Sapiro. Pirena arrived and told them that the Etherians had bandidos and nymfas as allies. Back in the mortal world, Thelma told Paopao that he should be where he is treated good after knowing that his aunt doesn't treat him well. Later that night, when a starving Paopao arrived at his aunt home, eating, his aunt saw him and he told that Thelma didn't give him the money, his aunt enraged and hurt him. That's the time that the symbol of the fifth gem appeared. Paopao and the symbol went to the portal and entered Encantadia.

Lira and Mira attacked Etheria and faced Avria and both Sang'gres are overpowered. Luckily, Pirena managed to saved them from the ruthless ruler of the reimerged kingdom. Luna and Gilas arrived in the land of the nymfas and was shocked to the news that their placed was attacked. Paopao arrived in Encantadia and the symbol of the fifth gem was etched in to his arm. A pashnea arrived and guide Paopao on his way to Lireo. Ybrahim told a sad Lira and Mira that Pirena is only challenging them. Meanwhile in the land of the Punjabwes, they are being attacked by Etherians and enslaved them, as the Punjabwes are a greater asset to the new Etheria, as they had the skill and proficiency in technology.

In the land of the Punjabwes, the male members of the tribe was taken by the Etherians as their slaves. Amihan was emerged as Ariana and she was chosen as the new protector of the Air Gem. In Lireo, Danaya felt the presence of Amihan and told the others about this, while Avria, is spying on them in Lireo and masqueraded as Danaya. In the land of Punjabwes, Aryana is asked to go to Lireo but she went to save his brother and the other male punjabwes instead. Avria as Danaya tried to take the Air Gem but failed, due to the encantations upon it. Meanwhile, Paopao saw that Encantadia hasn't change a bit when he saw some Etherians attacking encantados. Back in Lireo, where Danaya was reading some documents, Lira and Mira tried to attack her, thinking that it was the fake one.

Danaya whose attacked by Lira and Mira proves that she's the real one by showing them the gem. Pirena appeared telling them that she transformed into Danaya, testing them if they can detect a real or a transformed person. Only to the fact that Pirena is also Avria. In the outskirts, Ariana showed Azulan the symbol of the Air Gem and she told her brother that they should ask for help in Lireo, his brother agreed, although with reluctance. Meanwhile in Etheria, Ether seen and told Avria that Lira is not keeper of the Air Gem as Lira can't hold it. Avria told the bathaluman that she will target the young Sang'gres to hurt the sisters. In Lireo, the real Pirena was talking to Imaw, worrying about Lira and Mira not being chosen as one of the gem's keepers. Imaw also wondered why there is no sign indicating Lira and Mira will be chosen. Lira tried to wake Mira after having a dream but she ignored her and continue to sleep. Lira went outside and Avria shows beside her and takes her, leaving her shawl. Mira tried to find Lira and she noticed that her cousin is missing and she hurriedly report it and saw from Imaw's balintataw that Avria had Lira. Ybrahim as well as Pirena and Alena goes to rescue the Sang'gre from Avria. Avria brought Lira to the outskirts and Lira used her power of voice, which Avria deflect and used hers. She told Lira that the power comes from the Etherians as they are the first civilization in Encantadia. When Avria was about to hurt Lira, Paopao decided to interfere but Avria using her power, manages to control Paopao. However, he is also saved when the two Sang'gres and Ybrahim arrived. Avria transformed into her combat armor and attacked the them but she was overpowered by the gems that they have. They went into Lira and Pirena kicked an unconscious Paopao. Paopao woke up and happily introduced himself. At first, they didn't believe him but, they were convinced as Paopao told them all the experiences in Encantadia when he was a child and also by showing some artwork that he drew.  Back in Lireo, Danaya saw Paopao again and when he was asked about his return, Paopao showed the symbol on his arm. Imaw, on the other hand, recognized him as one of the new gem keepers.In Etheria, Avria used her power to make the captured Hathors and Punjabwe pledge allegiance to her. She told her new Etherians that they must attack all the lands until they unite all of Encantadia under Etheria.

As they are debating about Paopao being chosen as one of the gem's keepers, that he is a male human mortal and not an encantado. Imaw said that it is the choosing of the gems and Cassiopeia. Paopao said he don't want any power, all he want to is to stay in Encantadia. Danaya said that Paopao will now on stay in the palace and ordered Muros to escort Paopao to his room, but Paopao asked Amihan to them. Meanwhile, Ariana and Azulan arrived in Lireo, where Azulan said that it is now the center of power in Encantadia. Ariana was happy to see the palace of Lireo even though she didn't saw it before. Back in Lireo, Imaw showed to Paopao what happened to Amihan. After that, Paopao cried and Lira comforts him. After that, Lira asked Alena  As the mashnas of Etheria spread to enslave more encantados, Aquil found one he encountered them. Amarro asking Aquil if he will join them but Aquil refused. This lead to an escalation of battle, but Hitano rushed to Aquil's aid and asked them to leave. In the gates of Lireo, Ariana and Azulan told the guards that they will be needing Lireo's help. But, Asval and the other Etherians attacked them. Luckily, Ybrahim and his army rushed to their aid and saw that Ariana's battle fighting style was similar to Amihan. Ybrahim escorted Ariana and Azulan in the Palace where Ariana can't hide her delightedness in seeing how magnificent it is while Azulan remained smug. When the Sang'gres arrived, Ariana shown bowed to them while Azulan doesn't. Ybrahim told the Sang'gres that Ariana is the one that gems and Cassiopeia chose as one of the new keeper and told Ariana to show them. Ariana show the symbol on his arm and Imaw verified that there is a new keeper of the Air Gem. Back in Etheria, Ether and Avria are wondering where Cassiopeia is and what plan she is having. Avria told the bathaluman that she will go back to Lireo to get some information before transforming into Danaya.


This week's episode is focused on the new gem keepers as well as the plans of strengthening Etheria. We like how the fact that they again, introduce another characters to the show that will be having a role in the storyline the upcoming weeks. We're sure that you are excited as we are. For now, lets stay tuned for the show's upcoming episodes.

Rating: 8/10

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