Encantadia: January 30-February 3, 2017 (Recap and Review)

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Another week, another recap! Lets go and check this week's recap and review of Encantadia.

The return

While they are being sad due to Amihan in Devas, they retreated first in the woods and made shelter. Meanwhile in Devas, Amihan is reunited with his nephew Kahlil and together they will save Encantadia from Hagorn and the Hadezars. Agane discovered where the Diwatas and their allies is and immediately reported it to the King of Hathoria. Hagorn decided to attack the Diwatas once and for all. Meanwhile, Aquil asked Danaya's hand for marriage after when Lira became the Queen of Lireo. In a while, Danaya read the letter from Amihan, where it was stated that, Danaya will be the fifth ruler of Lireo, not Lira as she is suitable for now on the throne. When Alena saw her holding the letter and asked what is written, Danaya said that there is a right time for all of them to know.

Later on, when Hagorn attacked their shelter of the remaining Diwatas, Amihan and Kahlil came to the rescue before Asval hits Ybrahim. The Hadezars are no match with Amihan and Kahlil, both are Ivtres that can hit the Hadezars from Balaak. Hagorn ordered all the Hadezars to defeat the duo in which resulted to the defeat of the Hadezars except Asval and Amarro. On the other hand, Mira saw that Pirena had the opportunity to hit Hagorn but saw in her own eyes that her birth mother instead, retreated. Mira confront her birth mother about it and when Pirena tried to explain, Mira interrupts her and said that she is not for the Diwatas. Back with the Hathors and the remaining Diwatas, Lira and the others are happy once more that she saw her mother back in Encantadia as an Ivtre. Alena is emotionally reunited with her son. Amihan asked where Mira is, Pirena said that she should be here as the young Diwani leaves first after their confrontation, little did they know that Mira is now being captive by the Hathors and they will use her as a leverage againsts the Diwatas.

On the other hand, Cassiopeia asked for Emre's blessing to challenge Ether. The first queen of the Diwatas bravely battled the bathaluman and then wished to become a bathaluman herself, the one that will protect Encantadia. The battle ended with Ether being injured and Cassiopeia receiving a reward.

Pirena asked for Imaw's help in his balintataw where Mira is and found out that she is held captive in Hathoria. The Ivtre duo as well as Pirena and Danaya went immediately to Hathoria to rescue Mira. There, they once more engage into a fight, Hagorn calling the creature that can defeat an Ivtre in which Amihan defeated with ease, with Danaya defeating Agane and Kahlil hitting and injuring Amarro which made the two remaining Hadezars retreat. Only Hagorn left in Hathoria, persuading Pirena once more to made an alliance with her. Hagorn surrendering his possessions of brilyantes to the Diwatas which signaled the fall of Hathoria, with Hagorn being defeated by her daughter and Ether activating Pirena's curse. Amihan and Kahlil went back to Lireo and declared that the fights over and they need to return to Devas and said that they will return soon.

Amihan is shocked on the news that Pirena was strucked by Ether's curse and she is enroute to Devas. She plead to Emre and the bathala said that he will deal with that matter, that Pirena should be in Encantadia, not in Devas. With that, Emre faced Ether in a battle. Ether managed to hit Emre when Arde, the bathala from Balaak shows up and distructs the fight. Emre managed to subdue Arde and ordered him to return to Balaak. Emre said to Ether that she must remove the curse she gave to Pirena or else they will fight until the curse is not lifted.


We witness this week the downfall of Hathoria, but this is Encantadia the show is full of surprises, we will be not suprised if Hagorn and the Hathors will be back. And, the story doesn't conclude with Hathoria's downfall, with its extended universe, all of that are yet to be explored. So, all of us will find out in the show's upcoming episodes.

Rating: 9/10

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