Encantadia: February 6-10, 2017 (Recap and Review)

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Another week, another recap! Lets go and check this week's recap and review of Encantadia.

A prosperous realm

Continuing from the battle between the two Bathalumans, Emre finally defeats Ether and lifts the curse against Pirena. Ether said that if there are atleast one Encantado whose grasping power and superiority, the Bathaluman will not hesitate to help. She also said that it is the time that her kingdom rise once more. After that, Emre finally released the curse she gave to Cassiopeia, telling her that she has a duty to the Diwatas once more. 

In Lireo, Danaya announced the content of Amihan's letter. One of them is that the Air Gem will be protected by Danaya and also decreed that the latter also succeeds her to the throne of Lireo, not Lira or Mira. Hesitating, Ybrahim told Danaya that she could decide whether she chose to be a queen or not, but Cassiopeia said that she should not go againsts the former queen's request. Danaya accepted her fate to be a queen, this made Aquil walked out of the throne hall. On the other hand, Aquil told Danaya when they talked near the balcony of the palace that he loves her and respected her decision to put Lireo and Encantadia first.

Lira still sad, asked Mira to go to her to Devas to fetch Amihan. Together with Wahid and Wantuk, they began their journey to the land where Bathalang Emre resides. Pirena noticing that Lira and Mira is not in Lireo told the others but she was told not to worry and deal with the two later because there is something wrong to come in Encantadia. While, Lira and Mira arrived in Devas, they encountered the giant form of Emre. Lira asking Emre to made Amihan to return to Encantadia but the Bathala said that there is a time to return. Giving Lira a chance to talk to Amihan, the former queen of Lireo told her that they should return to Lireo immediately as Ether is having a plan againsts the Diwatas and the rest of the Encantados. Obliging, Lira and Mira as well as their companions returned to Lireo where they were greeted by Pirena and Ybrahim. Pirena told her that aside from Danaya and Ybrahim, she will train them as well to enhance their skills whenever there a trouble to Encantadia. Mira excelled in the skill of sword like her mother, Pirena, Lira on the other hand, finds it difficult and asked her father, Ybrahim, if theres a way to protect Encantadia without using a weapon that leads her to Alena, where she was practicing her magic. Alena teaches Lira how to use her magic well that she may use to protect her and Encantadia as well.

Imaw narrated what happened to Encantadia in the years ahead. Pirena and Mira moved to the Kingdom of Hathoria to bring it to glory once more, becoming its benevolent ruler who protects Encantados. Ybrahim, now crowned the new king of the Kingdom of Sapiro. And Lireo, now the most prosperous nation in Encantadia, sprouting more towers signifying its wealth, and also the most powerful, as they unite the five gems into a one gem as it used to before. Ether on the other hand, is rising the her kingdom, Etheria. She is planning to gather more allies, starting with LilaSari where Hitano still finding her whereabouts as well as Amarro and Asval. Ether also bring Avria, the queen of Etheria as one of her allies. Meanwhile, Cassiopeia is on a pilgrimage to become a Bathaluman, as an Encatado with such power as hers will become one, Alena asked Imaw how and told her that she is as old as all of them and witness the defeat of Etheria by the gem that Emre entrusted to her. 

Someone went on to the chamber where the gem is located and tried to stole it, but doesn't succeed and went away. Cassiopeia is confronted by Ether and the bathaluman told her that the gem is united once more and said that she will not be defeated by her again. Little did she know that Avria was on her back, grasping her and Ether used her power as a bathaluman to for Avria in order to occupy the diwata's body. Meanwhile, Lira and Mira completed their test and now officialy declared as Sang'gre. Ybrahim and Pirena, who are glad with the news that their own daughters are now Sang'gres, declared more cooperation between their kingdoms and Lireo.  Also, on the land away from Lireo, the nymphas are facing a situation that needs help. Helgad, called Luna, formerly known as Deshna to fight the creature that distrubs them. Luna, the real daughter of LilaSari is grown up. When Luna saw the celebration in the vicinity of Lireo, Luna ask Helgad what are the Diwatas looked like and also asked why are her skin different to hers, and why the Diwatas are not coming where the lived. Helgad answered her question the Diwatas are beautiful like her that she was born that way because she had a fondness to smooth type of food. Luna asked Helgad to accompany her to Lireo, but Helgad raised her voice and told her they will not go there. Realizing her mistake by shouting, when another nympha, presumably Luna's sister told that she shouldn't  have shouted, apologized to her. And, on the new lair of Ether, someone who tried to steal the gem revealed herself, and it looks like Agane or she is Agane, and told her that Cassiopeia and the Sang'gres put an encantation in order to prevent the gem from being stolen. She also asked if her plan on Cassiopeia worked, and a woman appeared, walking towards them, revealing itself as Avria, now occupies Cassiopeia's body, signifies that her plan worked.


Yes, Encantadia officially added its fifth kingdom on the storyline. This made us more excited than ever, but one thing that we noticed is that, who is Rochelle Pangilinan playing on the show, is it Agane as one of Ether's followers? or another character? And what about Avria, will Solenn Heussaff officially playing the character?  Also, the Nymphas are now being involved on the storyline because of Deshna now Luna who is played by actress Inah de Belen and her companion Gilas whose portrayed by actor Jake Vargas. We can't wait to find out what will happen in the upcoming episodes of the show. 

Rating: 9.5/10

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