Encantadia: February 20-24, 2017 (Recap and Review)

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Another week, another recap! Lets go and check this week's recap and review of Encantadia.


As Avria was to the point of stealing the gems successfully, Cassiopeia is fighting her in order to expel her in her body. As she was succeeded, they fight on the chamber where the gems are being kept. Meanwhile, the Diwatas finally knew that someone, who is Avria, attempted to stole the gems, they are being distracted as Ether sent the newly Etherians to fight them. Cassiopeia succeeds in expelling Avria in to her body and fight her to get the stolen Air and Earth Gems. Ether at this point knew and sent Asval to aid her. The Sapiryan comes to the rescue and stole the fifth gem, or the Brilyante ng Diwa as it had no master. The Diwatas catched Cassiopeia returning the Air and Earth Gem and they assumed that she is stealing it, Cassiopeia who defensively explained that it was not her, but they didn't believe her and arrest her. In Etheria where Avria and Asval returned, Avria said to Ether that she got the fifth gem and she said it is enough to make her strong. Back in Lireo, Lira and Mira knew that it is the real Cassiopeia as she answer the question they asked and Cassiopeia herself, faced the interrogation of the Diwatas and Ybrahim.

Cassiopeia is proving herself by telling the Diwatas that Avria is the one who attempted to steal the gems. And by using the power of the gems, they proved that Cassiopeia is telling the truth and they released her from being cuffed in the prison cells of Lireo. Danaya and Pirena went to Etheria and Cassiopeia went as well. The three faced Agane and Asval in which Pirena recognized Andora as Agane and tried to attacked her and Andora using her powers turned her against Danaya and Cassiopeia. As the controlled Pirena attacked Danaya and Cassiopeia, Danaya used the power of the Earth Gem to release the Andora's control of Pirena and had them retreated. The three went back to Lireo where they said that Etheria now exists and Danaya told Imaw the history of Etheria. Etheria is composed of four Heras, the Hera Sensa in which the Etherians from this Hera are masters of mind control, Hera Aega, Etherians lived there are capable to control emotions, Hera Volo, are Etherians who can control weather, and last but not the least, Hera Andal, the capital of Etheria in which the Queen of Etheria, Avria, resides. Lira said that it is easy to defeat Etheria as they outnumber them, but Cassiopeia said that it is hard as what she thinks. Meanwhile in Etheria, Ether and the others wait for Avria who is already restoring her full strength with the help of the fifth gem.

In Lireo, Ybrahim warned Danaya about Aquil as Mayca saw the conversation between him and his father, Amarro. In the throne hall, Danaya already told them that she already called Alena from Adamya, while Pirena suggested that they should attack Etheria as Avria is on the process of getting her full strength. Lira and Mira wanted to join them but they being told that they are not joining them. On the chamber where the gems are being kept, Danaya asked the Air Gem who will be its temporary protector between Ybrahim and Muros. Muros was given a temporary power by the Air Gem while it chose Ybrahim as its temporary protector. Ybrahim and Muros as well as Pirena and Danaya arrived in Etheria where they faced the army of Etherians and also, Andora and LilaSari as well as Asval and Amarro. Amarro fled and Muros chased him while, Andora as well as LilaSari and Asval easily defeated by using the power of the gems. Meanwhile, Cassiopeia and Imaw went to her island and said to Imaw that must will find new protectors of the five gems of Encantadia.

Ether faced the rulers of the Kingdoms and used her power to create a powerful wind that carries them away in Etheria while Muros is left fighting Amarro. Amarro knocks Muros off and left. Ybrahim used the power of the Air Gem to bring them back to the ground where Muros waits them and the four of them returned to Lireo. Lira and Mira told them that they should be join them but they were stopped. Lira reasoned that they are treating the both of them as Diwanis, not Sang'gres. Lira walks out and Pirena told Mira if she was thinking the same. Mira also thinks the same and tried to reason to her mother but she was stopped and she also, walks out. Ybrahim talked to Lira afterwards about what she feel and said that if Amihan is there, she will allow them to join the battle. After a while, Danaya interrogates Aquil about the speculation of his father, being back as a Hadezar and told him that if he is ready to say all the things speculated, he must return and speak to her. Lira and Mira asked Evades' help to make Amihan return, but he said that there is a possiblity, by eating the fruit from the a tree in Devas, but they will return as a new encantado. In Devas, Amihan also thinks about returning from Encantadia by eating the fruit from the tree and Amihan said that she from now on, had the ability to made her own destiny and eats the fruit and return to Encantadia. Meanwhile, in Etheria, Avria regained her full strength.

As Luna and Gilas are on their way to where the nymphas live, the symbol of the fire gem appeared and made Luna its new protector. Avria returned from her full strength and is angry about the happenings in Etheria. She ordered her mashnas to capture more encantados and made them new Etherians. In Lireo, Danaya asked Aquil to leave the palace of Lireo. Danaya did it in order to save him of being hurt. While, Pirena consoling an emotional Danaya of what she did to Aquil. Meanwhile, an army of Etherians attacked Hathoria and made a few Hathor soldiers as new Etherians. Pirena through a dream rushed back to Hathoria and found out that some of the Hathors are missing. Pirena went to Etheria, disguised as Asval to investigate and she there encountered, Avria, the Queen of Etheria, in full strength.


This week's episode is focused on again, the preparation of Etheria. Queen Avria regained her full strength and with a new face. As she was played by actress, Eula Valdes. For us, she is well fit for the role. And then, Luna was made the new protector of the fire gem, which we are not surprised as she was the daughter of the former king of Hathoria, Hagorn and the diwata, LilaSari. And what we are about to find out next week, is the appearance of  teenage Paopao, who is now played by actor Phytos Ramirez, as the new protector of the fifth gem. We bet that all of you are excited as we are for next week's episode.

Rating: 8/10

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