Encantadia: February 13-17, 2017 (Recap and Review)

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Another week, another recap! Lets go and check this week's recap and review of Encantadia.


Avria, on Cassiopeia's body met Andora, another Etherian, a Heran, who inhabits Agane's body. The Sanggres once more divided the mother gem noticing that Cassiopeia is missing and used it to find her. Luna on the other hand, trails the Sanggres as they headed to find Cassiopeia, they found her but, something different is happening to the first Queen of Lireo. And, Ether, presented Avria her new home where she could rule again, the newly built Etheria.

Luna returned to the home of the nymphas where she said that she encountered the diwatas, much to her adoptive mother's anger. Also, Luna is desperate to know where she come from as she noticed that she is very different to the nymphas. In Etheria, Ether introduced the new LilaSari as well as Amarro and Asval as new Etherians who will helped her once more to bring Etheria to glory. The Pashneyas are wailing sensing that there's coming to Encantadia once more in which the whole of Encantadia alarmed. While, Aquil, discovered a new kingdom far north, in which he doesn't know is Etheria and reported it back to Lireo. 

Ades asked Emre to help Cassiopeia but the Emre said that it is one of her challenges to become a bathaluman. The Sangg'res together with Aquil entered Etheria and encountered Avria. The Sanggres believing that Avria is still Cassiopeia, when Avria said that it is her new home and there is nothing to worry about. They returned to Lireo with a sense of disturb as a new kingdom in which is the new home of they believed, Cassiopeia, but in reality, is Avria. LilaSari encountered Luna and Gilas in the woods but is distracted by Amarro. Alena leaves Lireo with the blessing of Danaya in order to bring back Adamya and while on her way to Adamya, she met Luna. Alena said that she met her before but Luna said that she did and asks the way how to get to Lireo. Alena used her water gem to determine that she had a good heart. Knowing that is true, Alena told her the direction to the land of the Diwatas.

Avria, as Cassiopeia arrived in Lireo and asked the Sang'gres about the gem. She reasoned that Encantadia is now being protected and it is time to return it to her. Danaya and Pirena said that they will consult it first to the council. Avria agreed and gives the diwatas ample time to decide. Unbeknownst to them, Lira and Mira heard the conversation and when Avria leaves, the two follow. Meanwhile, Luna and Gilas arrived in Lireo. On the other hand, Lira and Mira encountered Avria, knowing that it was Cassiopeia, they asked her why did she want to take back the gems. Avria asked who are they, making Lira and Mira suspicious. Lira told Avria that she should be joking and tried to made jokes to her. Avria instantly got mad and hurt the two new Sang'gres. Luckily, Luna and Gilas is in the same area where they distract her. The Queen of Etheria lashed her power to them but they Lira and Mira as well as Luna and Gilas escaped and went to Lireo by teleporting. Back in Lireo, Lira and Mira interrupted the council meeting by telling that Cassiopeia tried to hurt them and also told that this is not the real Cassiopeia. This made Pirena go to Etheria and confront Cassiopeia.

Afterwards, Muros and Abog reported that the Bandidos are not in their dwelling place, which signifies that a battle happened between the Bandidos and those who attacked them. In Etheria, Avria used her power using her voice on the captured Encantados which includes the Bandidos and Nymfas, and made them the new Etherians. Pirena went to the place where Avria as Cassiopeia reside as Mira. She confront her what happened earlier, and asked her to protect her and Mira, she said the name Mira instead of Lira to confirm if she is the real Cassiopeia. Avria was fooled and said that she will protect them and called her Lira. Pirena as Mira said that she will report it to Lireo and leaves. Pirena reported back what happened between her and Cassiopeia in Lireo and confirmed that she is not the real one and Encantadia once more has an enemy. Back in Etheria, Asval told Avria that he saw her talking to Mira. Avria said that it was Lira and Asval corrected her that Sang'gre she talked to is Mira, the real daughter of Pirena, or if indeed she was Pirena, who had a power to change appearance. Asval also told her that she was indeed fooled and was trapped. In Lireo, Ybrahim and Lira thought about Amihan who is now resided in Devas. And after that, Avria went to Lireo, attacked the soldiers and forced one of them to tell where the chamber where are the gems being kept and stole it, as the gems are recognized Cassiopeia instead of Avria.


This week focuses on building Etheria as well as Luna. A good way to start the next chapter of the series. So, we expect that episodes next week had a little intense to it as they already determine that there is another enemy, that will seek power in Encantadia. 

Rating: 8/10

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