Encantadia: January 9-13, 2017 (Recap and Review)

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New week, new episodes! It's time for another recap and review of this week's Encantadia. This week, it focuses on what happened after Aquil made deals with Hagorn. So, without further ado, lets head on to this week's recap.

Deshna and the Nymfas

Hagorn is still furious about losing his child. When Agane returned to Hathoria after ordering the dragon to brought Deshna to a very far place, Hagorn lashes out his anger to the Mashna of the Hathors. Agane remind Hagorn that not only that she is is very loyal to him, but, she is also his half-sister through King Arvak. Meanwhile, Deshna was found by another set of race in Encantadia. The Nymfas. They had pointed ears like Cassiopeia but they dress primitively and they have marks on their face and their body similar to Hathors. Unlike the Hathors, the said race are peaceful. In Lireo, Aquil was sentenced to strip out of his duties as the Mashna of the Lirean Army.That's a light sentence compared to the usual when charged with treason. Only did Amihan knew that she did it for her sister, Danaya which had feelings for the former Mashna. Also, Muros was promoted by the Queen as their new Mashna. LilaSari, on the other hand, confronted her adoptive mother Cassiopeia when the latter said that the Diwatas are nothing to do on what happened to them in the Mortal World. LilaSari went to Lireo to find answers. She witness that Aquil was not severely punished and vowed that she will retaliate. She came back to her adoptive mother to seek her help but Cassiopeia saw something in her visions that once Deshna is back to LilaSari, Encantadia is again in peril.

Mira and Pirena

Aquil went to the Lirean castle to get back his weapon but only to be heard nasty things. This provoked the former Mashna, Muros, the new Mashna comes to his aid. Amihan went to Pirena's cell and tried to talk to her, but this engaged to a confrontation and Pirena said to Amihan that she wanted her daughter, Mira to visit and talked to her. Mira confronted her mother telling that she was forced by Amihan to go to her cell. She said that she forgave her but also she said that she will never recognize Pirena as her mother anymore. Lira comes to Pirena to gave her comfort. trying to break the wall that is within her ashti. On the other hand, the Hathors finally reached the place where the Nymfas live, discovered that Deshna is there, but they are saved by Alena who is nearby. Alena told the Helgad, leader of the Nymfas to give Deshna to her as she will return it to LilaSari. Helgad tearfully said her goodbyes to the child and gave her a blessing. Alena, ready to return Deshna to LilaSari, only to be stopped by Cassiopeia's voice.

Deshna's return to the Nymfas

Alena together with Deshna visited Cassiopeia to her lair where the first queen of the Diwatas let Alena saw what will happen if Deshna is back to her real mother's hands. LilaSari arrived earlier than usual and saw a visitor, not knowing that it was Alena and her daughter. She went back to her lair in the outskirts but she was discovered by Gurna holding Deshna. They prepared to fight but Cassiopeia rushed, knocked Gurna out and said to Alena that there is a reason why the Nymfas found the child furst. Aquil on the other hand is living alone on the outskirts of Lireo. Also, Pirena escaped and disguised as Danaya. She went to the Lirean Armory and get her weapon as Danaya, she also tried to get the staff of Adhara only to no avail. Ether appeared to LilaSari and told her that she should not trust her adoptive mother anymore because she knows where Deshna really is. Alena and Cassiopeia went to the home of the Nymfas, gives back the child to Deshna and saw in her vision that Deshna will grow into goodness with her adoptive family. Alena gave her blessing to Deshna while Cassiopeia told her not to tell everyone what they did. Back in Hathoria, Gurna told Hagorn that his child is with Alena.

Rescuing Alena

Hagorn retaliates to Alena after receiving the news from Gurna that his child is with her. They went immediately to her lair in the outskirts and find her. Alena, who hides behind the rocks has been found by the protector of the fifth gem. Then, Hagorn and his sentries battled the former keeper of the Water Gem although they have weaken her succesfully, she doesn't reveal where the child is. Hagorn which is in rage tried to eliminate Alena but fortunately, Lira together with Mira saved her and brought her back to Lireo. Cassiopeia on the other hand is confronted by LilaSari and the first Queen of Lireo revealed her the truth why they need to keep Deshna away from her. In Lireo, Amihan and the others had found out that Pirena escaped, and Lira went to Sapiro in order to convince Pirena again. On the other hand, Hagorn went to Lireo to talk to Amihan to convince Alena to tell the whereabouts of his daughter. Alena told the truth to Amihan and Danaya and then the Sang'gres except for Amihan went to Cassiopeia to verify whether Alena said the truth. Cassiopeia confirmed that Alena was telling the truth and told them that Deshna will be a part of the next generation that will protect Encantadia.

Decieving Hagorn

Hagorn went back to Lireo to face the Sang'gres about the whereabouts of his daughter. Amihan lied to Hagorn that the child is in safety of someone near the waterfalls in the Northern part of Encantadia. Hagorn immediately went there and Amihan ordered Muros, Danaya as well as Alena to attack Hathoria as Amihan is sure that Hagorn will break their deal. In Sapiro, Pirena noticed that Ybrahim is hiding something and tried to find it within the castlegrounds of Sapiro. Hagorn realizing that Amihan deceived him as there are no waterfalls in the Northern part of Encantadia, and realizing that they are planning to attack Hathoria returns to his homeland only to found out that the Hathor forces are diminishing.


Encantadia though never failed to amaze the us. Although there are some parts that are not so important to the plot, the story twists are surely exciting and made us excited again for the episodes in the upcoming week. After the Friday's episode end credits, they introduced Amarro, the father of Aquil, once more played by Alfred Vargas. The actor played the said character in the 2006 series, Etheria  and also played Aquil in the original series. Together, lets find out what will be the role of Amarro to the Sang'gres and to the whole Encantadia.

Rating: 9/10

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