Encantadia: January 23-27, 2017 (Recap and Review)

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Another week, another recap and review. Yes, it's time for recap and review of Encantadia episodes this week. I know that some of you are sad on this week's revelations, but hey, there's more to come. So lets get on to the recap.


After what happened with the revelation of the letter, Pirena went to Lireo to beg their forgiveness. Before that, she presented their mother's letter to Amihan which they read afterwards. Pirena gave first the Water gem to Alena. Amihan and Alena easily forgives their older sister, while the Danaya, hasn't yet. Still, the war between the two sides continue, and Hagorn and the others attacked the throne hall of Lireo. Unable to defeat the Hadezars, the Sang'gres and their companions, retreated to Sapiro. Aftewards, Danaya and Amihan made a plan on how to defeat the Hadezars. Unknowingly, Alena eavesdropped and take what they plan to her hands.


After Amihan told the plan to Danaya, she went to Lira and Mira to talk, she hugged them and told that she loved them. Also, she went to Ybrahim, the Prince of Sapiro where he saw the bitterness in Amihan's eyes, and then the two kissed. Meanwhile, Alena told Pirena what Amihan was planning, making herself as a bait for Hagorn and the Hadezars to defeat her and become an Ivtre, then as an Ivtre, she will go back to Encantadia to defeat the Hadezars, and she announced that she should be the one doing that plan, not Amihan, the Queen of Lireo. Pirena told Alena, that if she have been the Queen, she will not do that plan, and tells her that their mother was right, Amihan is destined for the throne of Lireo. Cassiopeia, saw that either one from Amihan and Alena will succeed in the said plan. Then, Lira and Mira, tried to use ways in order to defeat the Hadezars, and failed. Alena and Danaya went to the Mortal world for Alena to met Enuo, their father which was living there, they briefly met and went back immediately to Sapiro. Hagorn ordered to attack Sapiro but they found nothing as the Diwatas are now in the mountainside. But, Hagorn sensed that there are Diwatas left, and Amihan shows herself and starts fighting the Hadezars, as she know that she unable to defeat them and nearly succeeded in her plan, Alena showed up and help her, she used their ability to teleport, bring Amihan to Danaya and Hitano, knocked Amihan unconscious told her younger sister to her injuries, and Alena went back to fight the Hadezars. Alena nearly succeeded in fighting the Hadezars, but when Amihan gained consciousness she fooled Danaya and Hitano to retreat and went back to where Alena is. Amihan told Alena to go back, and let the plan finished by herself. Amihan fights the undefeated Hadezars and Hagorn in which they defeat Amihan, before that Hagorn tried to get the Air gem to Amihan but it flew away and the gem went to Danaya, as Amihan promised that if she succeeds, the gem will become Danaya's. Danaya as well as their other sisters knew that Amihan succeeds in her plan. When the others knew Amihan's plan, their sorrows escaped through their eyes and then they honored her for what she had done to the whole Encantadia. On the other hand, Amihan is now in Devas which she met Emre, the one of the Bathalas of Encantadia. Amihan asked Emre's permission to return to Encantadia in order to save it, and Emre said that she is now the one who will create her own destiny, signifying that Emre agrees.


And this week's episode is one of the most intense weeks in the series, it is full of drama and as well as Amihan's role series coincides with the news that Kylie Padilla, the actress that portrayed Amihan, is pregnant which lead the whole stirred the whole Encantadia fandom. But still, Kylie, even though she's having a baby, will not leave the show as the teaser for next week's episode shows a returned Amihan, with a white armor saving Prince Ybrahim from the Hadezars, and who's with her, Kahlil which will be back in Encantadia as well. And now, with that, the whole Encantadia fandom is very excited to watch next week's episodes.

Rating: 9.5/10

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