Encantadia: January 2-6, 2017 (Recap and Review)

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It's the start of the new year and our favorite telefantasya has something to offer on this week's episodes. Now, we bring you this week's Encantadia recap.

Paopao's return to the Mortal World and Alena's plea to Emre.

As seen on the previous episode, Paopao is sad due to he misses his family back home to the Mortal World. Amihan, the Queen of the Diwata and ruler of Lireo ordered the soldiers to give the Batang Ligaw a salute and brought back Paopao to his family in the Mortal World. In the outskirts of Lireo, Alena plead to Emre to erase all the pain that her heart felt. Unbeknownst to Alena, her plea is being watched by Emre and her son, Kahlil in Devas. Kahlil asked Emre to grant her plea but Emre said that she is on the path of healing and acceptance. As well as Pirena who is now on the path of change. Thanks to Lira, she managed to made her aunts think when she visited them to bring food from the feast.

Gurna's betrayal.

In Sapiro, Pirena still think of what Lira said when she visited her which made her consider to reconcile with her sisters and be with her daughter, Mira. Gurna noticed that Ybrahim is not in Sapiro and Pirena replied that he maybe in Lireo celebrating. Gurna said that this is the right moment again to conquer the newly risen kingdom but Pirena stops her and said that, Why does she need to conquer, Sapiro if her heart is still in Lireo. Gurna confronts her that she is right, Pirena is changing. But before their confrontation escalated, Hagorn and his Hathor sentries appeared out of nowhere and hostaged Gurna. Hagorn wanted to punish Pirena but Gurna stops her. Gurna seemed to rush to Pirena but Pirena doesn't know that Gurna, stabbed her, telling to her that she only did this to save her life from Hagorn's wrath.

Two hearts in pursuit and Imaw's blessing.

In Lireo, Aquil and Muros are still competing with one another to capture Sang'gre Danaya's heart. Aquil managed to give Danaya flowers while Muros, gave her fruits. He also sensed that Danaya likes her Mashna Aquil. On the other hand, Amihan is happy that Lira and Mira, the daughter of Pirena got along well. While the two diwanis are sleeping. Amihan asked Imaw to give the two a blessing that they shouldn't come to the point that they will fight similar to Amihan and her sisters are in right now, which Imaw obliged.

Hagorn's quest to get LilaSari.

Back in Sapiro, Hagorn successfuly captured Ybrahim and his allies as well as Pirena. When, Amihan and Danaya arrived. Hagorn had a one goal, to get her daughter with LilaSari in the Mortal World. Hagorn made a pact that fighting will stop when they agreed and the two sang'gres consider the offer. In the Mortal World, LilaSari and Hitano managed to blend-in with the Mortals. Danaya went to Alena to tell that Diwatas are having a council meeting about the LilaSari issue where Amihan devised a plan not only to prevent Hagorn to get LilaSari's daughter, Deshna but also to save the captured. 

The Deal and saving Pirena.

Aquil and Muros went to Hathoria to save Ybrahim and the other captured when they are captured too by Agane and the Hathorian soldiers. Lira and Mira knew that there are skirmish that happens between the Diwatas and the Hathors once more and tried to help. They went to Hathoria and tried to save her mother and Lira's father, Ybrahim. Hagorn convinced the captured Aquil to tell where LilaSari and Hitano is in the Mortal World in exchange of peace. Aquil agreed to the Hathor king's deal and accompanied him to the home where LilaSari and Hitano lived in the Mortal World. Lira and Mira successfully saved Pirena and brought her to Lireo where Mira pleaded her ashti Danaya to save her. Danaya healed Pirena using the Earth Gem and Mira asked the soldiers to handcuff and arrest her now that she's well. In the Mortal World, Hagorn made a scene where he pushed a mortal human who taunts him only to be confronted by his uncle. In return, Hagorn draws his sword and stabs the man before he went on to find LilaSari. Hitano, on the other hand knew that Hagorn is nearby when he heard the news from the mortals infront of their houses that some man with weird clothing caused a scene, in which Hitano rushed back and tell LilaSari to pack and escape. Before they can escape, Aquil much to the relief of LilaSari but he told her that he is very sorry and does this for the sake of Encantadia. After a confrontation between Hitano and Hagorn, he succeeded to get Deshna from LilaSari and Hitano, leaving them lifeless and return to Encantadia sparing Aquil with his life to tell the news of their deal to Lireo. Little did Hagorn knew that LilaSari survived tells to herself that she should never trust those Diwatas and showed her rage to the Mortals by removing her mask and turned them into crushed stone. Back in Asnamon tree, Amihan and the others found Aquil. Aquil told the news of what happened to the mortal world. Amihan asked him who told Hagorn where LilaSari and Hitano are and Aquil said that it was him who told the King of  Hathoria. Amihan slaps Aquil and he told the Lirean Queen that he does it for the sake of Encantadia. Amihan told Alena of what will happened to a Diwata that commits treason to Lireo before disappearing and Alena, by the power of the Queen of Lireo arrested him for treason.

LilaSari's return and Agane's ambition.

Danaya found out what Aquil did through Muros. The Keeper of the Earth Gem confronted the Mashna or General of Lireo about what he did. Aquil explained to her what he said to Amihan before, he accept Hagorn's deal because he wanted the war in Encantadia to stop. Although, Danaya said that Aquil's goal in this deal is reasonable and for the greater good, but he still disobey the orders of his superiors. Pirena is awake from her rest but she's been arrested and taken to a jail inside the Castle upon the request of Danaya. Lira on the other hand, takes the whole reconcilation situation which made her cousin, Mira annoyed and mad. Also, she did a white lie towards Alena when the gave a bunch of flowers she was picking in the palace and told her that the flowers came from Danaya. Lira told Imaw another mortal language which made the Adamyan leader amazed. Hagorn returns back to Hathoria with Deshna and order his soldiers to protect the child's room and that he is the only one who can enter it while Cassiopeia saw a vision of a destroyed Encantadia with that has been overseen by Hagorn and a grown up Deshna. LilaSari, comes back to Encantadia to get her daughter and face Hagorn, though she is overpowered, Cassiopeia comes to her aid and rescue her. Earlier, Cassiopeia said that LilaSari had similarities with Amihan, but for now, LilaSari doesn't need to find that out. A woman covered in veil entered the room where the Deshna and abducted her. When Hagorn found out, through Gurna, he is seen to be enraged and ordered to find his daughter. The woam convered in veil turns out to be Agane, Hagorn's mashna and right hand. Agane wanted the throne of Hathoria to be hers claiming that Pirena and Mira as well as Deshna doesn't fit to rule the Kingdom. She ordered a dragon, to bring Deshna to a very far place.


What can I say about this week's episode is that, it was really awesome. A great opening for a new year! Full of  twists and revelations that all of us made us more excited in the upcoming week's episode. What all of us need to see in the upcoming episode is that, who will portray Deshna? Will Pirena and Alena finally reconcile with her sisters? We guess that we all need to watch the exciting next week's episode and unfold all the show's new revelations. Again, the new year's week episode of Encantadia is superb!

Rating: 9.5/10

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