Encantadia: January 16-20, 2017 (Recap and Review)

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Hi there! Yes, another recap and review of this week's episode of Encantadia. Now, lets get straight away to our recap of this week's episodes.

Finding New Forces

After Hagorn has been deceived by the Diwatas and found out the Hathor forces are diminished. He wailingly seeks Bathalumang Ether's help. The bathaluman said that she cannot give what Hagorn asked, but Arde, her bathaluman ally and the bathala of Balaak. She temporarily sent Hagorn there as an Ivtre in order to seek Arde. When he arrived in Balaak, he met Arde, a dragon like bathala of Balaak. Hagorn asked the bathala to give reinforcements so that they can engage a war to the Diwatas and Lireo once more, which the bathala give easily as he cannot refuse a wish from Ether's favorite follower. And, there's a catch, a key that will free all the Ivtres in Balaak. In Lireo, LilaSari talked to Amihan about their attack on Hathoria and declared her allegiance to help the Diwatas. Lira and Mira on the other hand are having a training and Lira said that she still doesn't want those conflicts between kingdoms. Also, Lira went to Sapiro to convice again Pirena, but didn't succeed. Gurna encountered Pirena in Hathoria and told her that Hagorn is having a plan to have a revenge against the Diwatas in which the first born Sang'gre went to Lireo to report what she knew. 

The undefeated reinforcements.

Back in Balaak, Arde challenge Hagorn to get the key from Mancao, the keeper which he encountered the Ivtre form of Asval and Hitano. Hagorn easily defeated Mancao, a stone like keeper of the key to free the Ivtres from Balaak using his possessed gems and gives it to Arde, in which Arde summoned all the Hathor Ivtres to go back to Encantadia. Hagorn immediately went leaves Etheria to fetch his new reinforcements. Meanwhile, Pirena discovered that there's a hidden treasure in Sapiro while in Lireo, Alena and Danaya mend up. The Diwatas noticed that the moon appeared red in which Cassiopeia said that it once more signifies another danger to Encantadia. LilaSari went to Hathoria and then she found out that Hagorn arrived in the kingdom with new forces and on the way back she and Aquil accidentaly meet, told what she know to the former Mashna and together went to Lireo to report what LilaSari saw. The Sang'gres except Pirena went to Hathoria and encountered the new warriors of Hagorn and confirmed that they are Ivtres. Hagorn called his new warriors, Hadezar.

The truth

Amihan knows that they are no match with Hagorn and the Hadezars. so she went outside to made a deal with Hagorn. Hagorn demanded LilaSari and Deshna as well as the Air and Earth Gem if they want to avoid another war. Amihan refused and before Hagorn hurt the Sang'gre. Ybrahim came into rescue. Meanwhile, Ether convinced Cassiopeia that she wanted to be worshipped by the Diwatas to avoid another danger. Lira and Mira escaped the palace using evictus which followed by the rest of the Sang'gres. There they managed to catch the diwanis but Mira was knocked down by Pirena in order to bring her to Sapiro. Together with Imaw, Lira went to Sapiro to rescue Mira. Pirena using the water gem, knocks off Imaw, and the leader of the Adamyans showed to Pirena using his balintataw the past of the sang'gre which involves her Mother, Ades and also Gurna. The fighting still continue between Hagorn's forces and the Diwatas while Aquil was saved by an Ivtre named Amarro, his father. Amarro convinced Aquil to defect to the side of the Hathors, but Aquil refused. Gurna was cornered by Pirena demanding her the letter from her mother. Gurna obliged and gave Pirena the letter. It is written in an uncomprehensible writing and has magic assuming that only Pirena can read it. The letter revealed all the things that her mother wanted to say to her first-born daughter which made Pirena emotional. Gurna, as expected, tried to brainwash her, but Pirena didn't buy it and it leads to Gurna's demise. Back in Lireo, the Sang'gres and their allies faced Hagorn along with Agane, Asval and a platoon of Hadezars.


Well, what can I say is that I am really glad for more original series reunions, Alfred Vargas reprised his role as Amarro, as I said in our previous recap was played by him on the original series' sequel, Etheria. I also liked Hagorn's new armor, it makes his character more darker and wrathful. On the other hand, Vaness del Moral's role as Gurna ends in this week's last episode. I admire her for her antagonistic roles, especially in the defunct show from the same network, The Half-Sisters. Gurna is one of the characters for me, that you love to hate. For now, let's stay tuned for next week's recap and review. I'm sure that all of you are excited as the Sang'gres are once again unite against Hagorn.

Rating: 9/10

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